Feel the Flow

I was over at one of my all-time favourite stores, *Argrace*, the other day and found that there had been some changes. AIR Winx, the apparel designer, had moved into some new digs called *Airflow*. After making sure there was no new hair for me to get at *Argrace*, of course I had to go and check out the new store.

When I arrived at *Airflow* I found this brilliant ‘soft leather jacket’ was being offered as a group gift and I had to grab it. This is just a great looking jacket. It comes in four different versions: the jacket all by itself, the jacket and a white or black t-shirt and the jacket plus a grey sweater which is the one I am showing here. The textures on all the different versions are wonderful  and when they call it a ‘soft leather jacket, that’s exactly what it looks like.  The jacket comes with sculpted body parts, sleeves and a collar which are all resizeable via script. The sweater also comes with its own sculpted collar which fits beautifully under the collar of the jacket and all of the attachments are done with AIR Winx’s usual awesome details. Even if this was the only gift you could get, I would advise you to join up but it’s not! There are others, for both guys and girls so this is defintely one group you will want to find room for!

Get the gear here: *Airflow*