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Free cars to get around !

I love modes of transport in Second Life – find a rez point on the mainland or just whizz around your own patch of land – its great fun ! I found a few free vehicles at Aikioto – this is the Easter inspired car – super fun and has all the bells & whistles you’d find on a paid for car.

also picked up this soap box racer ! Lots of poses so it would also make a great prop for photos but its just a brilliant little vehicle. We might be in lockdown in real life but theres no restrictions on gadding about in Second Life huh? If you’re looking for new modes of transport take a look around – heaps of choices and a large area that you can rez a demo in and take a spin – found the camper van of my dreams there – its been added to my “when I have funds again” list of must haves.


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Brum Brum (free Brums).

RL timetable is screwed up this week but I managed to pop in to kill some time and snagged myself a cute ride.


Not really going to say a whole lot about Aikioto, the shop where I picked up this freebie apart from the fact it has a whole range of vehicles from small fun cars to big American classics., compact continentals to big buses, girly cars to boy racers and each comes with a demo.


This was me 3 secs before I crashed.

As it happens I did drive it for a while so it’s my lack of skills and not the AO in the car which is at fault,  this comes with a nice AO that has you turning the wheel.  At 9 prims even I can spare those to park in my garage with no bother.

Whilst I was there I also grabbed the other special offers on of a non lego, lego styled car and the motorised egg because we call need a motorised egg.  The box car I’m showing you is from the Free to join group and the others are either 10Lds or 0 for the ride able pumpkin.