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I was sent a brilliant pressie when I logged in yesterday, a new skin off Sly Puma (otyebis) owner of PumeC and I had squealed because I had already seen a picture of this posted in someones Flickr account and I wanted it so badly but the person hadn’t put much detail of where it was from and it turns out it’s a PumeC skin.


To take this picture I was going to dig out one of my Mina hairs because I know she has some excellent black and white hairs but when I popped this blonde one on I just couldn’t help but think how good it looked and just because this skin is called Elven doesn’t mean you have to go around with ethereal eyes or wings or horns or whatever “Elvens” are known for.  Skin this shade will stun up a simply outfit or suit a whole outlandish look.


But of course half the fun is to stand out from the rest.  I did a little test and in a normal outfit and not the dramatic red dress I went and stood at Sn@tch whilst a riot was going on so basically about 20 other AVs were there and I had my settings set so I could see who was looking at me and I’ve never seen so many of those cross hairs on me before and I got several IMs asking me where I got my skin from so you want to make an impression then this is the skin for you.

Now because I’m only allowed 1 “Nip Slip” I’ve popped a couple of piccies onto my FlickR account for you to see more flesh but don’t get worked up it’s nothing crude.




Because I used such a dark room I had to lighten the image a little bit so this last shot was in my fav settings of Nams skin and prim if you’re at all unsure a demo is out for you and btw I did pop some make up on with this skin as well so the eyeshadow is mine.


Each shade and there are 3 in total (White, Light Grey, Dark Grey which is what I am wearing)  cost just 499Lds each and in my honest SL opinion this is a BARGAIN there is also the option to purchase all 3 shades for only 1199Lds.  The reason this is a bargain is because of the Hud it’s just packed with all the Appliers anyone can ever need.  I have some other skins which I do really love as well but I have to pay extra for the SLhands and then think about getting feet and if I want to wear my boobies that costs me yet more money and it’s like a never ending money pit.  PumeC as standard includes all the most common

The Applier Hud for this skin contains all of these……

Visage Head Applier

Loud Mouth Applier

Lola Tango Applier

SLink Hands & Feet

SLink Physics Mesh Body

Wowmeh Applier

Baby Bump Applier (going to assume it’s an AMD Baby Bump)

Phat Azz Applier

Gheto Booty Appler

& not in the Hud

3 skins same shades different eye brows

Teeth Alpha

Clevage layers

Goes without saying you need all the items yourself such as SLink Hands or feet or a Phat Azz to be able to use the appliers they don’t come in the pack.

And just to have some icing on the cake Sly Puma has one of my all time fav skins as a GG and some other Group gifts just waiting to be grabbed, a more than reasonably priced Gacha and some other special offers and all of this is in her shop on a beautiful sim so even those who have a limited budget can still look great and have a place to meander around in SL.

 PumeC Skin

PumeC Shape

PumeC FlickR

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Big, Medium or Small

I’m having a serious invent clean out and came across this beauty.


It’s not that  forgot this because it’s attention to detail from the open windows to the hanging light inside, the 2 doors and the fact that this is an unbelievable 3 prims meant that it will fit anywhere and for those prims for any prim allowance you may have to work with.

Black 1

Great texturing and with spring around the corner we can all dream of owning a little greenhouse like this. However when I say “little” I really mean it.

Black 11

It’s tiny.  One false step and I could crush it with my heels. Small but perfectly formed.  I’ve had this standing in various homes over the years  as a low primmed, fun item.  The tiny greenhouse comes from LUXus which is a strange shop because half of it is cool contemporary, red, black, Swedish, minimalistic, chrome etc etc sort of furniture and then you wander into the countrified courtyard section.  Here you will find painted pails, raised vegetable beds, potting benches, fountains, bistro table sets and even , click the link to see what they ares doilies! 

Black 111

This is the  medium-sized greenhouse and when I move home, which sadly is going to be sooner rather than later, this  is going to be going with me.  It comes from (AP) Apple Fall, which we have blogged before and will blog again(and again and again) as long as he, Apple Fall, keeps on coming up with simple, elegant, easy on the eye, prim and pocket items.  This cost me 350Lds but I know from experience that it will be a long time till this is bettered so I’ll be getting a lot of use out of it.  22Prims as well.  (AF) has a marketplace but you have to see the items in person to appreciate the work and make sure to check out the skyhomes.

Black 1111

I have actually placed one greenhouse inside of another.  This is the view from the medium one because again with the extra prims this one has more details such as the handles on the windows and since this was set out at Xmas what you can’t see is a cute bunch of mistletoe which I don’t know if it has a pose in it because I have no one to kiss!! Oh Woe Is me.

Black 11111

Just to show you the “large”. I’m not blogging this as it’s more a blast from the past and I can see that the creator has moved onto much bigger and better things. I remember it being state of the art in it’s time but with the brilliant creators coming into SL sadly/happily things like this will be trashed but maybe with some happy memories involved.


(AF) Apple Falls.

(AF) Marketplace