Timeless (Freebies, cheapies, shoppies).

Time is pretty short at the moment but that doesn’t mean I didn’t find some really lovelies.

My first visit to SL landed me here at the Meteor Garden shopping sim and this is the Windlight setting that greets you.  I simply love it when a shopping sim is designed with such thought and imagination it makes you want to stay and just meander which sadly I really just didn’t have the time to do.  If you too don’t have the time to go check it out don’t worry as I left my AV standing there and when I get some SL time I’m going to spend a lovely time mooching around and I promise to let you know if there are any Freebies, cheapies or brilliant items.


I did manage to grab this inworld yesterday.


This comes from Loovus and I almost missed it because on the reception desk is a dress that I blogged just recently but what I hadn’t noticed is that on the wall behind the desk are some more Freebies.  This dress is a gift to celebrate 500 Facebook Thumbs Up. You can tell that this is a shop quality item by the shading on the pockets.  There are other dresses there so even if this one isn’t to your taste I’m pretty sure you will find something that is.

PS you don’t need to give them a Thumbs Up if you don’t FB but if you do FB then I’m pretty sure it would be a nice thing to do.


This is a style of shoe which is flooding SL at the moment and I love them and I love the fact that these not only cost just 30Lds but you get a super packed colour changing Hud, 35 colour options in total.  Of course I’ve stuck with the safe colours but there is a whole range from tangy orange to white.


For another 60Lds you could have these.  The top shoes are called “Sweet Bow stilettos” and this pair is called “Casilda”.  The same 35 colour Hud as the first pair.  I’ll put the link for the demo pairs because although these are such bargained priced I always say “try before you buy”. Shey’s has a lot of really reasonably priced shoes and this colour packed Hud seems to be pretty standard for all of them, it’s almost too hard to choose which ones to buy at that price.

OH! almost forgot you will need SLink high feet for these shoes.

Meteor Gardens Shopping Sim


Shey Casilda Marketplace

 Shey Sweet Bow Stilettos Marketplace

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Welcome to the New Year and a new fresh start.

sport urb

This is how I’m planning on starting my New Year.  The Christmas tree is in the loft the yoga mat has been dusted off and the resistance bands I bought have turned up.  I only wish it was all as easy as this mat from LISP Bazaar makes it look.  I’ve blogged it before but since the graceful yoga poses are so good I’ll put the link in.

UPDATE and an OMG because not only did I forget how much is in these yoga mats ie the menu but also you get a colour choice and rezzable water bottles, not using it in this picture, and ALL of that is a token 5oLds!  When you rezz inworld just walk straight ahead and through the shop till you get near to the back of the shop and you can even try the mats out before you buy.

I actually bought the wall mounted yoga mats from Cheeky pea not for a gym setting, I was actually going to pop it into my craft room as I think they also look like colourful rolls of fabric.  At only 2 prims I can rezz as many copies as I like and I’ve even popped one into Faiths home.  200Lds and worth it.  A sorry here because I had a quick looksie as I was LM grabbing and I can’t see where the yoga mats are on the Cheeky Pea sim.  I should imagine they’re going to be found in the “Odds n Ends” section but a quick scan I still didn’t spot them but you may have more time.  I promise you they’re there LOL.  If you want to TP directly to the different sections there is a cute table laid out in the shape of the sim you simply click the sign of the place you want to go or what would be much better is to have a wander around.

If you have some spare Lindens, ok a lot of spare Lindens, then the cheeky Pea group is one I would recommend joining.  Lovely monthly gifts and often Gift Cards are given and for example this Christmas we all got a 500Ld Gift card which paid back the cost of joining and more.


These shorts are a really lovely Freebie from Aushka&co and you do have to join the group but it’s free and so is all the other lovely freebies which are old group gifts waiting there to be snagged, there is also some lovely Dollarbie tops which I grabbed them all and a dress for 10Lds which tbh time prevented me from trying on.  Forgot to say that although you only get the 1 colour in the shorts you get a pair for each day so on the back of these shorts is Thursday.



Cheeky Pea

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Take a seat.

A little bit of a mooch around and I found myself at Faboo.  They still have their large Christmas card out and if you touch it you get these rather good and as you can see from the heels stylish wedges.  Athough the ribbon is supposed to be Christmassy in style I think they’re all year round wearable.  You do have to have SLink High Feet for these but maybe since now you can get so many amazing bargains and freebies for these feet it’s time to splurge and treat yourself to some.


As I was meandering around the shop I spotted my initial on one of the Lucky Chairs so I hopped on and snagged a Bikini.


A simple non mesh little skimpy with prim/mesh bows at the hip, chest etc.  Does come in different clothing layers and is also Tango Lola’s ready.  So it gave me a good excuse to pop over to my beloved beachy sim and pull a few poses.

The group, Faboo, is free to join and once you’ve grabbed the shoes make sure to go inside as there is quite a selection of GG’s and nice to see some for the boys as well.  Special mention to the shorts, I’ve blogged them before and they’re perfect with bikini’s.


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Never fear though as for as many sims turning into Winter wonderland there are just as many places still basking in the full Summer Sun and here’s a Freebie just for that.


Another top n bottom set but in this case the trousers are non mesh.  What can I say other than a peachy delight but check out the second picture.


The top is completely open at the back.  Not much to say except again for Free and simple and fabulous.  There is another Group Gift from Anin a Gris but I’m not showing it here but it means if you don’t like what you see there is another freebie.

If the LM doesn’t take you straight to the GG then have a little wander around. It’s 4 large rooms but the GGs on standing on separate counters.


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Woah! (Freebies& a Dollarbie).

It’s been a long time since I’ve had this SL issue, the one where you go to sit somewhere and find yourself in the netherworld of the corner of the sim!  So I’ve struggled a little bit with taking some new pictures so I dug some out of my “trash” and here they are.


The top comes from the Show Me On The Doll shop and cost a Linden. It is a mesh blouse called “Miss Cordelia’s stripey Blouse” if you want a bloody version for 50Lds you can buy that one. Lots of blooded boots and shoes etc here if that’s your thing.  Special mention is that the prices on the pictures doesn’t seem to match the actual price you pay.  For example I’m looking as a pair of boots and the picture says 99Lds but when you click on it it’s actually only 50Lds.

I found my Boyfriend at the Cirque De Seraphim.  An event held in aid of ASPCA (American Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals?).  We have the same sort of organisation in the UK and how sad that we desperately need these people. I like many SLers have my beloved Pets and just thinking about others being neglected or abused makes me sick.  Lots of the items here are market that a certain amount of the proceeds from that sale will go towards the ASPCA so not only can you pick some great stuff you can also contribute to such a worthy cause.


OK I have a feeling that this look is in fact a rehash so I scrolled back through my Flickr pictures and our blog, I even check out Faiths in case it’s something she’s blogged before but I gave in.  So if it looks familiar to you then sorry but tbh too good not to reblog.  I’m not showing you the shoes but Faboo has GG’s out for men and women.  I grabbed the Wedge shoes (SLink High) the funky mesh shorts and the non mesh bikini.  The bikini comes in many styles such as bikini, hipster, bandeau top etc AND matching bows and strings PLUS Appliers for Phat Azz, SLink Pysique, Tangos and Wowmeh so it turns out this simple bikini is packed with so many options.


From one extreme to another.  Some of us are still in SL Summer mode but personally I’m praying for snow.  More freeness, I’ve only just blogged Sugar Button Boutique but as soon as the note came out for this new Group Gift of a pink coat I TPed over accepted the group offer you get as you land and grabbed it.  You will also see a balloon on the counter, click it for a free bit of daftness (sillyness) a fun balloon hat.

Show Me On The Doll (Blouse)

Cirque De Seraphim Event

Faboo (Summer Outfit)

Sugar Button Boutique (Coat)



Both I and Faith come from the UK so we don’t have a big tradition of celebrating Halloween and that’s what Faith said to me last time I saw her and then she also got a notice through from Follow Us about their new Decor items and she went and bought a whole load of them!  As it happens I too had rushed over there and I just couldn’t wait and had bought myself some brilliant hanging crates with Halloween themes.


I’ve really got to clean up the outside porch on my home but it’s hard when you want to show so much off.  OK the 2 cute doggies you can see in the bottom left are actual Group Gifts which only costs 40Lds to join and that’s really just a token because Laurent has a whole wall of home decor GG’s and often boards with big discounted prices only for Group Members only.  Look just under the eaves of the porch and you will see the hanging rustic wire baskets and those were what I just couldn’t wait to get my sticky paws on.


You get 4 different styles in the pack and they’re copyable.  Not the lowest of prims but so damned effective I would love these wire baskets in RL for hanging around my home.  They really are lovely, I may move a couple of them off my porch as 4 of them are making it look crowded but I’m definitely moving them over to my shed and Faith may even ask for a few to be put on her porch.


I have had a lot of fun with my Windlight, as it happens the colour I’d set our sim to turns out to be perfect Halloween colours, orangey and greeny.  I’ve also fiddle with a bit of photo shopping but to show you how bright and juicy the colours are the very last picture is set in my fav Nams setting.


The barn is stuffed with both indoor and outdoor decor items.  I haven’t been over to Faiths home but I know she also grabbed the fireplaces.  Don’t worry if you’re prim counting as you may not have enough for some but there is plenty of options and with such zingy colours even one of the smaller items creates a splash of colour.


This is the picture taken in my nams.

Follow Us

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Free Stuff.

So far my SL goodie hunting is a big fat fail so I decided to do some more dumping.  The bubbly boxes are full of old Gacha wins, or in this case loses as I don’t want them.  So instead of hanging onto these things time to pass them on.  If I remember correctly there is a whole load of curtains, a desk with lamp made of suitcases, a lamp, a bed which is particularly good but sadly particularly high primed for my taste and even some Junbug collars and lots more because chances are I’ll be adding to the heap for the rest of the day.  PS feel free to join the Pure group, it’s the pink board you can see and snag yourself one of Faiths much cuter gift boxes.  It’s been so long since I peeked inside I’m not sure whats there but I do believe she has some really low primmed tree’s in there and since I have them on my land I know they’re good.  Don’t worry if you just join to grab the Pure Goodies and the leave we won’t hold it against you.


The LM takes you to our new Fun park which has some rides for you to enjoy and of course the rest of the sim is open to you so you can come here and just wander around and chill but of course same old same old rule..no “nebbin” in Faiths home, the one on the hill.  You can absolutely make yourself comfy in mine and don’t worry if were there you don’t have to even say Hello.

Free Stuff