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Step this way for Uber Hometown

Ubertown - Zinnia's NEW!

A new round of Uber Hometown is happening and I’ve got the set from Zinnias to share with you ! This is the “Fiesta bedroom set”. Loving the bright colours and patterns on the fabric for the bed which is followed through to all the furniture.

Ubertown - Zinnias New!

The whole set is incredibly detailed, each & every piece has a bright cheerful feel to it. Check out the animations on the bed – sequences so you can flow from one pose to another (adult animations included) I had a quick look around at the event yesterday, not too busy and lots to see ❤

Uber Hometown

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I’m having sweet dreams

Aphrodite Bed NEW!

Heart Homes (for the Aphrodite Shop) have released a new bed. You might wonder what’s so special about that, plenty of choice of beds in Second Life huh? Wellllll, you might want to look a little closer at this one, its über amazing . I don’t change beds often in SL, infact I’ve had my Dutchie bed out for almost a year. However, once I tried this little baby out I knew it was a keeper. Its got an incredible amount of personal choice built right in, and I so love that. Its got 172 self made and hand picked animations, anything from relaxing, eating, drinking, cuddles, kisses, solo and adult . What I really like about it, is that instead of having to look at your inventory to find objects given for certain poses, it just rezzes them, right in the correct place – you just have to hit the “yes” button that pops up, et voilà.  I also noticed that terrific shading and shadows. The bed posts onto the sheets, it’s a neat effect and just adds that extra dash of realism.

Aphrodite Store NEW bed - textures

Heres the killer deal, not only is there a vast amount you can get up too on and in the bed, you get an enormous array of texture choices. Not just bland colours , but totally gorgeous to-die-for bedding! The texturing is SO well done, I felt that if I reach out I cold actually plump up the cushions scattered all over the bed.

Aphrodite Store bed textures

There is something for everyone, and its so obviously made by someone who uhm…REALLY  enjoys their time in bed *wink*. Go try it out, you will adore the sleeping poses that actually snuggle you up in a thick duvet, something that I’ve really missed with other beds I own. I was especially pleased with the solo poses, not often you get such good quality interesting animations for one . Drawing, applying lotion, on the phone and more! I spoke to Jaylin Whitewood (the designer) about this new release last week, and quite simply he said “we wanted a bed that WE would enjoy”, well BINGO – he’s created one that heaps will enjoy, it really is one of the most natural , erotic and sensual pieces I’ve owned. Btw it does come in two versions, a PG one and the adult. So if you’re not into the sexual side of things, grab one to snuggle up on ! Thanks Jaylin ❤

Heart Homes (for Aphrodite Store) market place

Heart Homes main store

Heart Homes blog 

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Sing me a Lullaby

Lullaby Set - Chez Moi NEW!!

Chez Moi has another new release out for you, this time a whole range of bedroom furniture fit for a Queen! Lets get something straight, the bed? Yeah it looks pretty fluffy and sweet huh? Go check out the menu on that badboy…*fans self*…sure it has a wealth of cute poses but it’s also jam-packed with naughtiness rawwwwwr! The menu is SO extensive you will never.ever. get bored. From sooper cute to steaminess xxx, its got it all. Not only action packed but also pretty light on prims – bonus! Lullaby is a whole range, bedside drawer that rezzes a radio or television…

Lullaby Set by Chez Moi

…and yes my old fav, a rocking chair, which again has oodles of animations and props to wear (sent directly to your inventory – so do check when you try it out) Its got a lot of old world charm, sort of southern living feel really.

Lullaby set Chez Moi NEW!

The best part for me was this pouffe and mirror set, I absolutely adore things I can be seated at and then do girly stuff ! This holds an extensive amount of animations for allll sorts of things. Drying your hair, applying perfume, putting on lotion and more and more and more . Lullaby also comes in a darling powder blue, plus framed prints a rug etc..go check it out !

Chez Moi mainstore

Chez Moi market place store

Chez Moi blog

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Lets talk about…

Tia Bed adult

Lets talk about…Beds…snuggly ones…snooozy ones…naughty ones, role play ones ! Howabout…a bed that is all of those, wrapped up into one sooper pretty bundle with ooooodles of choices for colour tones…hmm? Wellllll I might have just the one for you. Say hello to the new arrival at [Tia], it’s the Mona Lisa bed. When I used to rent homes out in Second Life for a living…I was obsessed with beds…always searching for just the right one. With options so people could customise, stuffed with brilliant poses so they could snuggle up…chat..have fun . If only this bed had been on sale then ! Soooo, whats so great about it? It comes with a simple dimple to use HUD, so you can alter the sheets , the covers, the glass panel in the headboard , plus the finish on the bedstead itself. Above I’ve gone with the blue options, very classy and fresh ! Adore the white wood finish on the bed also…cant believe this is just eight prims.

Tia Bed G&N Robe

Here it is in the more neutral light pink tones…dont fret…there is a black and red raunchy option for those of you who aren’t into pastels ! Talking of raunchy…what Im not showing you here, is the VERY extensive BDSM/Dom/Domme menu , oh la la its sizzzzly hot…Player and I had a lotta fun with it *grins*. A lot of the poses in this section rez items to be used for your role play…a post..a cross…its uhm…*squirm* extremely well done…nuff said ! If you pop along to the store, you’ll see that there is infact a whole bedroom set that goes with this item, take a peek its über pretty. Thanks Tia >3

[Tia] inworld store

[Tia] market place store

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Let The Games Begin!

Ok so I admit it…I blubbed last night as I watched the opening ceremony to the Olympic Games…Queeny & Phillip were awesome…did you see the James Bond clip? Gawd the Queen just ROCKS ! Fantastic start…I hope this is a great Olympics, I’m so excited ! Sooo in the spirit of all things British…I found a coupla themed things to share with you..above I have a sooper cute union jack dress…fresh of the market place and free…my bubblegum, which also comes in the Olympic flavour..was a was the bunting…the grungy Union Jack flag was a freebie!

The awesomesauce from HC Creations…LORD this is sooo coolio…Im just showing a FEW of the textures you can play with, it actually contains 33..pillows,bed cover and headboard…all can be customised ! Not only that but…its just seven prims…and has 2×30 Singles and  33 Couple animations….and they are REALLY lovely animations…(I have one of these beds in my home) The poses are cuddly..AND adult *squeee*…can you believe this is just TEN Lindens? Mhmmm it really is ! Go get into the spirit…grab yourself some British cool….and good luck to ALL of the nations participating ❤

Dress by Osome Chrome

HC Creations – bed

Bubble gum & bunting

Union Jack Flag

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Tart up your Boudoir and dont break the bank

wowser..Ive been lookin around for a new bed for our home for simply ages..and I found this today on the market place. It’s by HC Creations, at 10L I was willing to give it a glad I DID ! Heres the lowdown:

1) Its only FOUR prims 2) It has four different colour bedspreads etc  3) It has adult, Singles and couples anims , YES including  norty ones ! 4) No pose balls yay!

 I seriously wasnt expecting too much to be honest at 10l..but jeez this is awesome..the anims are really lovely..and it looks  just peachy…all those prims I’m saving hoooray! Check out the market place for this very special offer..from what I can see there are five different designs at this price (YES, I did buy them all lol)

HC Creations market place