Happy Dance.


I should have titled this “Worst Post Ever” because I’m literally typing away with one eye on the keyboard and the other out the window waiting for the bus.  So if like me you have just a little time left to squeeze in a last minute shop then pop to The Holiday Fair and grab all those Dollarbies, Freebies and Cheapies that are set out on the stalls.

Skin from Wow, Mesh Top & Reindeer antlers from SAS, red mesh jeans from Citrus and shoes from Indrya Origionals  and all were either free or Dollarbies.  To be honest each stall had a small gift set out and only time constrains meant I grabbed the really cheap/free ones and didn’t bother much with the 10Lds ones.  Sorry can’t find where the red nose is but that s in there somewhere as well.  Some men s items as well.  A real nice mix some decor items, some shoes and undies etc and before you buy the box tells you whats inside so you can work out if you want it or not.

However the winner was the daft dance that comes from Realizm.  Some pretty good dance moves and I have a feeling that since it’s called group dance then if you were in a crowd and they also typed in “jingle on” or “jingle off” they would all join you in the same daft dance.  Or since it’s copy and trans you just send it out for others to wear, so a whole load of you can be dancing along with Jingle Bell Rocks blasting away. FUN.

Holiday Fair

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All the designers new releases seem to be coming in two’s this week ! Arisaris also has two releases..above Im wearing “Aura” a two piece, skirt & cami top..love the tiny flowers that are dotted around..I amit I had to fiddle a little to get the fit jusssst right..but worth it no? Make sure you take a copy before primfiddling !

Also new out is this floaty twirlywhirly dress called “spirit”, totally feminine and girly..layers of white tulle over a tulip hem dress…gauzy sleeves..all bordered with rows of tiny pink flowers…cute!

The boots that I’ve just managed to crop helpfully out of the above pics are from the market place…by A&A and a good buy for 1L ! I wasnt overly keen on the orangey toned sole..but they are modify so might tweak them later …

Spirit & Aura outfits: Arisaris

Boots: A&A (market place)



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Life’s a circus…


“There’s only two types of people in the world …The ones that entertain and the ones that observe…Well baby, I’m a put-on-a-show kind of girl …Don’t like the backseat, gotta be first”..so says Britney …anywaysss…A&A have this gorg dress out..”Ada”…checked short dress..really lovely sorta linen look leggings…love the sheer puffy sleeves..only 150L..go snoop the store..there is heapssss of lulliness for not-a-lotta-cash…I’m heading back next week when Im not a pauper !

If yer wonderin what my skin is…its a new group gift for Akeruka members…there is a join fee..its not a lot and SO worth it..the gifts have been fab! This ones called “Kia”, has lush ripe lips..great make up..and a sooper lickable skin tone…yummm…

Ada dress: A&A

Kia skin: Akeruka



Butter wouldnt melt…

Argyle Anonymous Bella Bloomers

Theeee sweetest outfit that ever graced my butter-wouldnt-melt self ! Argyle Anonymous have newwww gear and its edibubble…and cute..it will make boys want to huggggggg you forever ! The Bella Bloomers are an all-in-one deal..and despite trying this style of pantalooony things on before without success (think gaping leg prims)these DO fit…kudos to Swan Ling for making them fit right outta the box hurrrah!

Bella Bloomers

I chose the brown shade (naturally cause I’m in brown mode lately ) but they do come in a few other tones that are super pretty…you can also buy the bloomers as a seperate and team them up with your tee’s & shirts..

I noticed on the *coming soon* board a coupla items I’m already panting for…looks like we gotta keep an eye on this place, she keeps sneaking stuff in without fanfaring it..*arm foldy pose* how naughty !

Go get bloomered: Argyle Anonymouse                 

 (for some reason when I use the LM I end up in the ocean! Just fly up if you do and head in a straight line to the store, its right in front of you )


White denim ~swooon~

Argyle Anonymous new release

Fresssssh as a daisy…AA have new gear..its springyyy & zesty..and I love it ! Biggg choice of colours for the above denim skirt..I dithered for agessss…finally settled on white…with a periwinkle print shirt . The skirt is different from the usual run-of-the-mill types..its got a dainty flared & fluted hem thats sooooo in vogue right now..the shirt is simple and has perfect prims that even I (“miss picky”) didn’t have to fiddle with hurrrah! Each piece is just 69L….

Argyle Anonymous

andddd just because I was there..and Im incorrigible..I HAD to get this shirt as well!!! What can I say..its a great design..who can have enough of these ! *grins* 71L…other patterns available …by the wayyyy…if youre into textures…the ones used in these pics are also by Swan Ling, the owner of AA …yes she is multi talented! These are on sale in one big fat pack for just 50L ..

………… a few hours later…..

Argyle Anonymous pink skirt 69L

Soooo who was I kidding..like I could leave the pink version of the newww skirt behind? Nu uh..!! Its just soooooo girlytwirly and full of pink goodness ~happy sigh~…

Go get snazzzy: Argyle Anonymous


The 12 days of Christmas

weeeeee, yayaya I’m a tad late..but I managed to cram in a visit to “pulling strings* one of my favvvvourite pose stores ! They have the “12 days of Christmas” event bubbling along nicely , the idea is, each day after 9am SLT, participating stores place an item out for 1L ! The two that caught my attention today are below..click for a better view !

AA-Button Up Shirt Vintage Floral 1L

New-to-me store AA (Argyle Anonymous), had this devine little vintage shirt out..dainty little shabby chick print..puuurfect cuffs & well fitted collar means its wearabubble straight outta the box , and we love that!

Second spaces- dice settee 1L

This sumptuous settee was Second Spaces offering today..its lully. Good quality poses to choose from…and sooo well textured & detailed..I HAD to snaffle it up !

Dont forget to wander…there are heaps more stores there in this event , set your alarms and go each day !

Go get busy : Pulling Strings