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All Change (Freebie).

Love starting my day off like this, clearing away the old and bringing in the new.  As I’ve said before Faith and I consider ourselves very lucky that we can rent a whole sim and because the cost is split between the 3 of us, Faith her partner PD and I, it means it’s basically more than reasonable and since I don’t smoke or drink this is my addiction.  Renting a sim is no harder than renting a home in SL but with a sim you get POWER! (although you would have to check with the covenant that you are allowed to change the sim)  We could if we wanted to sink all the land and create an ocean or lift the land up to make towering mountains, we could create Heaven or Hell, run naked with wolves or in our case create our dream homes in dream settings.  In all the years we have rented we have never had ANY problems and no I’m not being paid to push this company LOL in fact I’ve never even needed to contact them.  All we have to do is once a month pop into the office and pay the tier fee just as quick and simple as paying a rent box on a house.  Fortunately for us both Faith and I have very similar tastes plus although she tends to do her side of the sim as she wants I can do the same to mine we always find that we can compromise and again in all the years we’ve shared a sim we have never fallen out BUT if you’re concerned about that then there are plenty of half and quarter sims you can rent on your own.


So I killed some time last night clearing away all the winter shrubs and trees and Faith restored the land back to a spring setting and so today once I’ve blabbed about this dress I’m going back inworld and digging out all my spring planting and yes I’m going to be hunting for a new home….thats my addiction!


Obviously in the top piccie I’ve had windlight and editing fun but it drowned out the details in this simple and yet wearable cross over dress. So wearable, a great fit and of course green is my fav colour and free from Evermore.  To get this dress and the other one on offer there you do have to join the SL Frees & Offers Group.  SLfrees & Offers is a group which is massive in SL and a lot of shops put out freebies for only this group, plus this is a very active group and you get a constant stream of notices about freebies/discounts etc sadly way too many even for me to follow-up on but if you want to join an active Free group then I whole heartedly recommend this one.

OH Booger! I forgot the boots! because you don’t just get the dress but also a pair of laced up mesh boots which come to just under the knees and the dark chocolate brown colour and style go perfectly with this dress.

Dreamseekers Site

Dreamseeker inworld

Nevermore Designs

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Sn@tch this (Oh So Cheap).

OK will have to confess it’s been an absolute age since I last popped into The Dressing Room Fusion (TDRF) Event but when I was working my way through my notes I came across the latest one from Sn@tch and as soon as I spotted this bargain priced beauty I was off to go grab it.


That frilly frill makes all the difference.  I chose the purple one but there is a red and silver version and at only 40Lds so cheap!


This is a very quick post because I don’t know when this latest round is over and I didn’t want to leave this too late.  Remember everything here is priced between 40-70lds and

The Dressing Room Fusion

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Renting a home in Second Life – Family time

Brackley Meadows NEW

I was perusing flickr the other day when I saw the most sweet photos of some homes. I contacted the owner and found out that they are part of a new family role play sim “Brackley Meadows”.

I shot over to take a look around and fell in love with this little house above. For just 250L it was mine for a week ! I got 100 prims as part of the deal, which is plenty in this day and age to furnish with. As you can see its a three storey home, the rooms are on the small side but it’s ever so cosy, if you look really carefully you might see I have already installed my kitchen.

Brackley Meadows

The sim is set out around a grassy park area, which includes a playground for children. My home faces out onto the park which is really nice, I’ve had a couple of walks and met with some interesting people to chat with. I’ve also cycled around and not noticed much in the way of lag at all yay!

Brackley Meadows 2

When you land, you will find yourself in the Tourist & rental centre. This has a little bookcase where you can grab notecards about available rentals, a who’s/who for estate help, and also job opps (non paid but sounds FUN!) There are plenty of things to occupy your time, a reading room, day car centre, health facilities and a smattering of little shops.

Brackley Meadows 4

Not only small terraced homes but big sprawling family ones. The rental prices are really affordable but what struck me the most is the feeling of warmth. You’re greeted on the street, other residents and visitors are more than keen to chat and role play (if you wish). I’ve got a feeling that this will turn into great community.

Brackley Meadows