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Holding up.

It won’t  surprise a lot people that I am now a confirmed SLink Body lover.  One of the main perks is that as someone who takes pictures all the time there is much less of that “crunching” of joints when taking pictures.  That doesn’t mean the SLink Body doesn’t come with issues, mainly not being able to wear your non mesh clothes and tattoos layers and also not being able to wear a lot of skins that don’t come with the applier but having said that I LOVE my SLink body but then I also LOVE my new Anna Shapes.


Small pert boobies, tapered in waist and a curvy booty.  Curved enough for booty lovers but not overly exaggerated to cartoonish size.  This one doesn’t come Mod but I’ve found in the past that most of the special offer shapes do however I have never had to alter an Anna’s Shape because the proportions are so good.  Check out her Marketplace shop as she keeps a small selection of her old Designer Circle offerings there and of course lots of full shape packs which of course are copy and mod just non trans.  This shape, Paula, can only at this moment be found at the latest round of The Designer Circle event.  Worth a wander around as this shop has lots of discounted items from poses to clothes, skins to shoes.  “Paula” is on the back wall and is easy to find but when you land you will land outside of another shop so you have to turn left and walk to the next shop along.Since Analy doesn’t do skins but if you love the image she also includes a styling card so you can get the exact look or as in my case just use what you already have which in this case is my brill skin from PumeC.


This skin is an actual Gacha skin and cost only 100Ld a try.  Even her Gacha skins come with a fully loaded Applier Hud and even in this case the Applier for an SLink Body thats so unbelievable generous.  As it happens once you’ve grabbed the amazing free skins she has out at 500Lds for her skins her prices are extremely reasonable.  If it wasn’t for the fact I can’t decide which skins I love the best and I can’t afford the whole lot I would wear nothing but PumeC skins.

Special Mention to Sly Pumas Sim, she has created a wonderful sim not only to house her skin shop but also a small shape shop, never tried one of her shapes.  Landscaped to perfection with oodles of places to sit and chat, horses, docks, water, boats and on and on you could spend a life time here.  Have to confess I took a load of pictures of this place last week but I’ve mislaid them but that does give me the excuse to come back here to take more.  As I always say when someone has spent time, imagination and a shed load of money creating something beautiful and then they allow others to share then they should be thanked or at least buy something off them lol.

The Designer Circle (when you rezz it will be outside of Mu Shi Doll turn to your left and walk that way the Discount shop is next door).

Anna Shape Marketplace for all the DEMOS

Anna Shapes Marketplace

PumeC Skins

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Perfect timing.


Yup, still wearing the amazing PumeC skin I’ve just blogged but it’s just to nice to change and since I’ve managed to get my hands on the latest Annas shape I couldn’t resist showing off this brilliant look which comes to a total of OMG only 80Lds.

The skin (with ALL Appliers) is the totally free one from PumeC and the 80Ls is for the Anna Shapes which is Analy’s latest offering at the Discount Shop.   Analy Amat.doesn’t sell cheap shapes and she doesn’t use poorer quality shapes in her special priced offers either so the chance to grab one of her skins for a knocked down price of 80Lds is always great.  If you check out her Marketplace shop you will see that she has a lot of the previous discounted shapes still on offer there.




Fun shot, as I always say when I’m showing off a skin I always use the Windlight setting of Nam’s Optimum skin and prim setting it can make an amazing skin look even more amazing and a carp skin look pretty good.  So you may try on a skin and wonder why it doesn’t look like the one in the pictures and the reason why is obviously the shape the person is wearing but also  the Windlight setting.

I have our sim set for a lovely sunset for when I’m just whiling some time away but for wandering SL looking at things and taking pictures I always use the Nam’s settings.  It’s not the only setting which shows off not just your skin but hair, clothes and decor items texture come to life.  This photo hasn’t been edited, photoshopped etc I picked a random Windlight setting and SNAP.  So if your comp allows you to use Windlight give it a try.

The designer circle is a large shop packed with poses, shoes, hair, clothes all at special discounted prices so worth trying out and as I’ve said the Anna shape, called Andy, has a demo so pop over and try the demo and windlight and have fun.

PS because the landing spot is preset when you LM over to the discount shop you have to turn and walk left.  You can’t miss it.

The designer circle discount shop.

Anna Shapes

Anna Shapes Marketplace


The shape I’m in.

This shape is so good I had to show it to Faith and as soon as she saw it she TPed off to the latest round of the Designer Circle  to get herself a copy that s how good it is.


Not a hundred percent sure why this shape has really struck me as being such a perfect one, at first I thought it was the leg length.  There seems to be 3 legs styles in SL, stretched stork, chubby ham hock and perfect and these legs to me are the perfect length.  I even went into edit mode to check out the exact number and tried on some of my other Anna shapes and I have ones with shorter legs and ones with longer legs but to me Analy Amat has got all the proportions right on this shape just perfect

All of Anna shapes are mod/copy which is something I sometimes forget because it’s the one shape I never have to tweak and I was hoping to get this done before I posted this but time has run out but when I get back inworld I’m going to make this very same shape more “curvalicious” put more “meat on her bones” as we say here so in other words a lovely big boobed, big bummed womans shape and I’ll let you see what that looks like.

Available at the slashed price of 80Lds which is a pretty generous discount from Analy’s usual shape price.   Demo Available and I always say “don’t take my word for it!” try the demo first. Shapes and skins are so personal to every individual and what has me ranting and raving about may have you wondering “what the hell is wrong with her!” LOL

If the LM doesn’t take you to right outside the shop, the sim owner can set the Landing area, the when you rezz simply turn left and you will find the super large shop with all the goodies inside.

Designer Discount Shop

Anna Shape Mainstore ((click the TP board)