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It’s hard to look this bad.

Just hanging out with my boyfriend.  Yes, I know Jabba the Hut has zero to do with Halloween but I won this head off a Gacha and it is the Rare one and I’ve never been able to use him so that’s my excuse.


No freebies, I know shocking isn’t it and in fact, everything I have on is an oldie even the Mina BUT the Mina hair has been revamped for  Halloween. one of her hairs which has now been dipped in a VAT OF VIRGIN BLOOD! MMWWAAHHH…yeah ok, she got out her editing program and coloured it in.

This hair comes in a colour pack of 5 and in this one, I’m wearing the palest hair because it obviously shows off the bloody mess it is much clearer but in my next pic I’m wearing the next shade up.


So you get blonde, light brown, browny ginger, dark brown and black.  Disclaimer, just for these pictures I’ve ramped up the redness of these so TRY before you buy!  This hair is at a bargain price of 75Lds, for the pack, at the Trick or Treat event but check out Mina’s main shop for the Demo of this or if you want to be BORING then try out Wynona unbloodied lol.

PS if you wanna date my boyfriend drop me an inworld note as it’s about time me and Jabba went our separate ways

PPS awww too late if you wanted to grab the SL free’s n offers hair as that amazing gift has now gone but still join that group as it’s such it’s a good one.

Mina Mainshop

Mina@Trick or Treat

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Don’t Be Lazy Lady!

Stumbled upon these skins from The Plastik which is their Lazy Sunday offer so I am assuming that this is last Sundays offering in which case RUN and grab them because you not only get 2 amazingly individually unique skins but for the small price of 75Lds but a lot of eyes, brows n stuff AND they’re Lola’d.

SmudgetvThis is the Astrali skin which is a stunningly dark intense skin.  Comes with a choice of eyes, lips and body/face freckles and this has a n applier in it which although it doesn’t say Lola Tango does actually work with my Lolas.

Smudge 2This is the other skin which is called Turk Mer Skin  yet again comes with a load of choices in freckles and brows.

Both skins are so unique and beautiful and ethreal the Lolas applier is not the only added bonus but each box comes with a massive amount of shop quality freebies.  Sorry I’m not sure which box contains which freeness and I wasn’t even going to look at them but I’m so glad I did because you get a massive amount of eyes, tattoos (light coloured animal prints which are so subtle and lovely) and a vast selection of great eye make up.

So be quick and be different and TP direct to and these are just in the entrance.

The Plastik

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No Sweat Sweater

This is a basic cut off oversized sweater so what makes it different? it’s the folds at the back.  Folds and curves are what make a bit of mesh clothing look more realistic and this one has great folds.  Wasn’t sure what the number 18 on the front stood for and it has Cutie on the back untill I saw all the choices.  A choice of 6 colours with different slogans ranging from Flirt to Lust and at 75 lds a bargain.  Didn’t notice a demo but the M fit was perfect and I could even have squeezed into a smaller size if I had wanted. “Night After Tee” is this items name.

So being impressed with the item sent to me I decided to chanel my Hippy Chick look (sadly the pout is more Posh Becks) and again they have taken a routine shape and yet made it their own with this chunky knit texture.  Now thats a texture that people can see without having to zoom in close. Well worth the 99lds it cost me. 4 Colours to chose from and it’s name is “Boho Dress”. OH and check out the 3 LCs just inside the entrance.

I wish I didn’t return to the shop as I turned around and yet another outfit, Mesh schoolgirl outfit, and I have to walk away nursing my remaining Lindens, well I haven’t been to the hair fair yet.

Special mention to the hat sadly not much info at the moment but I was so impressed with it as soon as I can locate where it came from and how much you will be the first to know.