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How wrong was I! (Freebie(s) & 75% Sales).

A while ago would have sworn that the Rebel Hope shop was closing down and it made me feel a bit sad as it has been inworld for such a long time and it turns out I was wrong as not only is it still up and running there is also a very generous 75% sale going on.

First just one of the Free Group Gifts.

I couldn’t see any “New to me” gifts but as always to some of you these are new. I’m just showing you the shoes and leaving the rest of the gifts, mainly accessories, for you to check out.

Once I’d got the freebie I ran around the shop price checking and grabbing a whole load of demos. Apart from the Fatpacks, nothing seems to be over 50Lds and I’ve spotted plenty under that price. You have everything from tops, shoes, dresses etc.

Once I got home and started trying out the demos much to my annoyance they DO run my fave fit and I’m being sorely tempted. So much so I’ve returned to the shop, which is where I took this picture, as I’m now going to walk around and have a proper look at whats on sale.

Rebel Hope.(PS. There are 2 Rebel Hope Shops next to each other so make sure to check both out.).

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Who doesn’t love a good sale. (Chrom 75% sale).

Normally Faith doesn’t like doing a “Closing down sale” but in this case it’s just the Chrom inworld shop but it’s Marketplace shop is remaining open and so here is the little bargain I snapped up.

Skirt only.  It cost me just 19Lds but do NOT get temtped by the bargains and buy before you try.  The whole range of clothes seem to come in only standard mesh fits and so you must buy the demo first.  This skirt is  the L size and there is breakthrough but because I tried the demo I knew what I was getting and I think this brown skirt is screaming Autumn to me.  So I will be tucking it away in my invent, ok I will be losing it in my invent, and then when the season changes this skirt is just what I want to go with jumpers/jackets etc.  Worse comes to worse and because it’s standard mesh fits might not fit too well with any SLink fit for only 19Lds I thought it was well worth the risk.


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Give a little to recieve a lot.(Big Fat SALE).

Even if you don’t have an SL home you will know the Culprit range as it’s builds and decor are used by many shops and homes in SL but behind the brand is real people just like you and me, never too sure about Faith though!  As just like RL can be totally SH*TTY for all of especially when it concerns trying to get insurance companies to cough up it turns out that the owner of Culprit needs a new roof and in an effort to raise funds has SLASHED the prices across their whole range…OH HELL YES! TAKE MY MONEY!

This simple picture taken in situ is just to show you the absolute quality of their builds and this greenhouse, now in my invent, only costs 100Lds and although I can’t remember the prims they were more than reasonable.

I do have a problem though because I already own so many items from Culprit it’s actually hard to find something I either don’t already own or I wouldn’t really use but I’ve just scratched the surface and so far I have this building for 100Lds, an umbrella stand and a cute Gacha win but when I log in I’m going to search this sim from top to bottom for more goodies.

I have to mention that some of the builds are as little as 50Lds and yes I already own them and yes I paid FULL PRICE! So it hurts my miserly soul to see such bargains.