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This post includes my two fav words.(5Ld old gift).

This little round flower bed is perfect for a garden of any size but if you have a small plot of land then it’s even better.

I betcha can guess what I’m going to say next? COPY and MOD, my two fav words and you can really break this one down to just the rocks and soil and now I’m wondering if I could even remove the soil, I decided to log out as my tum was rumbling and I need my lunch but when I log back in I might just try that out.

It’s one of a number of old gifts which are being sold off at a very discounted price at Myth.  I do know Faith blogged the tea set, or it could have been me, but there are some more decor items for you to check out.

Myth(It’s on the stand close to you just on the other side).

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A simple post.(5Ld).

I’m working my way through my notices/notes but as soon as the one came through for a shop called Serenity Style I was off like a shot.

She has put out for sale her old hunt prizes for just 5Lds and I only went for this, and yet ended up picking not just a couple of the other old hunt prizes but then found myself in the outlet section and scored some Gacha wins.

Only 1 prim and even if you don’t have an SL family I find toys like this can make great decor items.

The Serenity Style group is free to join but I didn’t go looking for the GG’s but I am pretty sure there are some but I might add an update to this post if I look for them.

Serenity Style (outlet room is inside the gacha room)

Serentiy Style(5Ld old Hunt Prizes)

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Rushes in with yet another SL  quickie.

dress lace

2 utterly lazy shots but yet again RL is rush rush rush but I spotted the Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt and I also spotted at least 10 items I want and at 5Lds each I can afford them.  I have managed to grab a few of the items I wanted but then RL called and I reluctantly returned so here is just a couple of the samples and TBH because time was short I pulled a pose and took a shot and left it at that.  For a better look at whats in this hunt I’ve put the link to the blog and not only do you get the LMs but also easy hints and pictures of the prizes.


The top and skirt are in the 1 cupcake but come as separates.  Went looking for a classroom to show off this Kawaii school girl uniform and found a fairytale carousel so just hopped on and took the piccie.

Even if you don’t like the 2 outfits I’ve shown make sure to check out the link because there is a whole mix of things from SLink shoes, hair, dresses, poses, skirts, make up etc etc and I can highly recommend the Miseria skirt as I already have that skirt but in a different shade and it’s a super fit and cute.

When I get back inworld I will definately be grabbing more of these 5ds goodies.

Cupcake Anonymous Hunt.

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Like a Boss.

LomoOk maybe this is just another Hoodie but the distinctive pocket and Boss logo make it stand out.  Kicking myself that I stuck to the safe dark colours and I should have chosen the white/red or grey/purple or the even better blue/yellow one.  As it happens if you check out jesydream’s blogg and scroll down you will see the colour choices and see how you get an excellent 3 layer look.  This was available at the Candy Fair for only 50Lds but I think that’s finished now however this is still only 60Lds in the main shop.

BoleroMy turn.  Baylen noticed an old hunt item which is now set out on the table rather than being hidden  and for 5Lds I scored this leather Bolero jacket which was the Rock Attitude Halloween prize, so if you missed it then this is you’re chance at getting it (must mention I saw something very similar for a 199Ld price tag so for such a bargain price I’d snap it up before it’s gone).  Not a vast amount at the main store at the moment so you might want to check out her shop at The Rockabilly Fair but from the lovely shopping sim she has her shop on I can imagine that pretty soon it will be filled up.

JesyDreams Mainstore

JesyDreams Blog

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Everythings Gone Pop or Adopt A Noob

Rummaging through my invent I came across my Popart folder and in this folder is enough furniture to furnish 3 houses and fully stock a Yardsale and yet if I sat down and added up how much that lot cost it would have probably all come to the same price as my best pair of shoes and the reason why is because this stuff is CHEAP.  If I told you that most things are priced at 1ld, 5ld or 10ld (and a few more at 30lds etc) then your going to think high primed carp but you will be so wrong.  As good a quality as I’ve seen in a lot of shops that charge a heck of a lot more.  This is an example of their quality. The bed is 20lds, curtains 10 lds, plant 10lds and a rather nice mirror 1ld so total cost is a massive 41lds! They have everything from naughty menu driven beds to showers to outside furniture, kids rooms and I am particularly impressed with their artwork, one seriously ass kicking David Bowie picture.  The furniture is in 3 shops next to each other and don’t forget to check out the garden stuff behind one of them.

So now you’re wondering why am I posed in the nuddie with nothing but bubbles and a smile (you have to admit it will have caught your attention) it’s because much to my JOY the lovely Fionna Cale has added to her portfolio of household goods, skins, shoes, dresses, hair and on and on and LOADS of Mesh items priced of course from as little as 1ld to 30lds.  Check out this dress it’s so cute, a hippy smock lovely texture. Everything I tried on I loved and although the clothes do not come with Demos at those prices they ARE demo prices but you just get to keep them.  Although I loved the bags I snagged for this particular outfit I chose a bag I found quite recently because I just thought it suited it better but the bags she has are cute!

Now as a hardened SL shopper and Fashion Victim I will be honest and I’m not keeping everything I bought but this is mainly because I have either so many copies of the same thing or maybe something with a texture I prefer but I am keeping such a lot of it but the Adopt a Noob bit is you must LM this place and at their  prices you could be so sweet and treat a poor Ruthie to a compete make over (only a shame there isn’t a Free AO) and they will thank you so much and I bet if they remain in SL in a couple of years like me they will still have PopArt items in their invent.

U.One Mode (Pop Clothes)

PopArt Furniture