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Retro Vibes @ NextUP

Menu Driven Retro Vibes Living Set FAT PACK Ad

Oh My Dayssss SO retro! I was so pumped when I saw this set by Ever Green – love me some vintage feels. This is the Retro Vibes collection that’s out at the NextUP event – think gacha but you see what’s up next. Unbelievably just $50L a pop ! A fatpack is also available if, like me, you have no patience

Ever Green @ NextUp NEW RELEASE

I test drove almost all of this set – the bar just won for my absolute fav pieces – great animations for bartending , standing, seated etc. Menu driven so a ton of colours to fool around with (same goes for all the items)

Ever Green NEW RELEASE !

Adorable dining set – which counts as one item to be won – low land impact and plenty of animations for dining and sitting – you can even have a jello desert !

Ever Green NEW ! Retro

Relax in the tub styled chair and footstool , watch a bit of vintage television – lots of moving pictures to chose from – love that ❤

Ever Green Retro Vines New!

Seriously SO stylish – even my poodle approves. I’m going to have a VERY hard time trying to fit these items in my home but wheres there’s a will there’s a way right? If you’re not familiar with NextUp machines its super simple. The machine shows the “next item up” for grabs – if its what you want – pay et voila its yours – or you can wait till someone else takes something orrrr buy a couple of thing to get the pieces you want – choice is yours.

Happy Shopping ❤

NextUP Event

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Oh! Thats cheeky

I’ve got your new bikini all sorted – mmhmm – yes I do ! This release from Stars Fashion is gonna be SO handy this summer. Not only does it come with a massive Hud with ten colours for each piece but it’s also on offer for just $50L for a limited time!

Cheeky shot! Now this kini is a lil different, in that…well….the front is…oh go and look ! I totally love this nifty little teeny-weeny bit of fluff. A bikini for all occasions for sure.

That’s the Hud (obviously), as you can see options options options! I cant find this on the market place so I am assuming its an instore only offer . Mesh body fits: Slink Physique,Slink Hourglass,Maitreya,Isis,Venus & Freya.

Stars Fashion

Decor: Flamingo,Cards,Record player @ Fin

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Lovely promotion going on at the moment from ArisAris. %60 discount on this complete look Rockabilly! Its just $99L and includes a shirt,skirt and belt – all separates so lots of flexibility. Six colours/patterns for each piece via the Hud.

I choose my two fav sets but do check the link below to view the whole Hud.

Sizes: Belleza- Freya, Isis and Venus, Slink Physique and Hourglass, Maitreya & Fitted

My hair is by Kokolores and is called “Lily”, great range of colours per pack, you will find this at the latest round of The Seasons Story!

ArisAris market place for all info

The Seasons Story

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Miel is back !

I always loved miel and still own a lot of their stuff pre-mesh. Was dead stoked to see miel back and releasing ! This is the first piece of clothing released in an age and its a classic racer back style tee. It comes in various countries flags and yippeeee there was the U.K flag – standard and mesh body sizes in the pack.My hair is by Kokolores “Abby” and is available at this round of The Seasons Story – great range of colour packs and a really cute Spring style.



Sammie jeans by Stars Fashion

Beach hut prop by Fin


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Doo Wop (hunt)

FREE retro counter & wall art - FREE retro dress - FREE record player (animates and plays music) I’m so glad I couldn’t get to sleep, I was looking for something to dooo and found this hunt, it’s called The Doo Wops sock hops Hunt – yes, bit of a mouthful isn’t it?! Anyyywayy as soon as I checked out the hunt blog and saw that Finishing Touches had theeee most splendid hunt gift for it, I threw myself into action. Here’s a piece of information that you really don’t need – I have never, ever in my hunting history, found a hunt gift at Finishing Touches – IKR? The hint is always good , and off I plod full of hope, and I never find it ! Luckily this time, fate was on my side because I SO wanted this retro counter and wall art I could’ve screamed when I wasn’t seeing it. I wanted it NOW, not tomorrow with Zan aiding and abetting me – I’m impatient what can I say ! It was worth the two visits to find it, its damm brilliant. The stools have some lovely poses in (unisex) the wall art is fabulous. Red Pepper Designs made the twee little record player, it actually plays a song andddd animates you to dance some really neato 50’s style moves – only 2 prims yay! My mesh retro dress is by Get Frocked, its PINK – and I had to have it. Five standard meshy sizes, and it does fit over a slink physique body. FREE - Doo wops sock hops hunt Closer looky at the treats – erm what you waiting for?! Get going and grab those goodies. All the landmarks and hints are on the blog below, also some photos of prizes but not all. Doo Wops Sock Hops Hunt Blog

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Hope for Sandy…shes such a D!va !

ArisAris NEW - Sandy dress & shoes WoW Skins Hope mid tone (lola tango applier included) D!va_001

OH la la lotsa goodies to share with you today…Ive got a spring fresh new release from ArisAris…50’s style dress called Sandy, which also comes complete with some sooper pretty matching peep – toe shoes ..the HUD for the shoes is SO easy to use, I got a great match in about three seconds, you also have pedicure colours galore. I especially liked the leather belt with the dress…check out the texture..gorgeous !

ArisAris Sandy-  WoW Skins Hope mid tone - D!va Asami hair

I’m wearing a skin from WoW…its called Hope (and  has a Lola Tango applier in the box ) I sooooooo love this look…there is a shape for it but I’m wearing my own as I’m not a big big fan of pouty mouth shapes ! The lip colour really coordinated with the pinky red of the dress…there is a gloss in the skin box too which gives you added kiss appeal….beautiful eyes and a lovely bloom to the cheeks….a real keeper for me. (I’m showing it in the mid tone btw) My hair is a new release from D!VA…and its dead clever…its really three styles in one…available at Collabor88 currently for can wear the bun on or you get a mesh pony tail to add more swishhhhhhh!


WoW Skins



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Christmas at Home

These last few days I’ve been a real homebody……shopping…the same in SL really…so when I received the latest release from Leri Miles Designs…and it was a little bit retro…I had to break out my vintage vacuum cleaner and bake ! The dress is called “Jade”… and has crisp sharp lines to it..a real body hugger, butter wouldn’t melt and classy. The little puff sleeves have resizers in them for the perfect fit, as does the belt, which is also colour change so you can really personalise your look. It has a Audrey Hepburn, breakfast at Tiffany’s feel about it, I adore !

I found some old sheer natural coloured stockings that I thought complimented the tone of these dresses…add in a pair of GOS pumps et voila! Deceptively simple and so well made…its a keeper for me. 250 single tones, fat pack for 1850L (thats a huge saving !) Thanks Leri xx

The vacuum cleaner is this months gift from FIN the 50’s store…it has sounds and is animated…love it ! (no group join fee yay) Have a look around , last visit I bought one of the washing machines…not expensive and sooo fab. If you’re into the 50’s or just love that era’s style…you’ll fall in love with Fin, clothing,decor all sorts to be found there !

Jade dress: Leri Miles Designs

vintage vacuum cleaner: FIN