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Limited Freebie.

Not sure how long this offer has been on or how long it’s going to be on but the notice did say for a limited period only so if you like what you see then TP over to Formis Designes to grab “Clair”.


You get this mesh top and I love a little bit of boobie flashing.  The top is made up of that cropped section and 2 panels down the side which means the non mesh coochie cutters are flashing at the back.  I have to be honest and say that if I had a bit more time I think I would have added a thick leather belt to not just cover up the raw edge of the shorts waistline but also because I think it would just notch this whole look up.  You do however also get SHOES with this.


SLink high are needed.

Although you can see that the coochie cutters are system layered from what I can remember you get all the Appliers you need to be able to wear them with your mesh body of choice or of course you could just rummage in your invent for a pair of mesh shorts.

Formis Designs

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Just a quickie.

As I was wading through my notes a surprise package came through from Luziefee and although I’ve just blogged about this shop and the new row of Lucky boards there I decided to unpack the goodies and found this.


Luzie Cheng has been so nice and to all her Subscribers, and I’m going to assume her Group Members, and she has boxed up all of last years Group Gifts and sent them out.  I rezzed a few which I’ve blogged previously but as soon as I rezzed this mesh skirt and system top I knew exactly the hair, hat, make up and although you can’t see them even the shoes which will make this whole look stunning.  The skirt and top are separates and I’m sure the top come with different styles but sorry I had to log out and I’ve forgotten.

So because this is a Freebie I have had fun with the windlight, COS I CAN, but even in my normal nams setting the skirt and top are made up of lovely burnt orange, earthy yellows and olive-green colours.

bliss hat

If you like the hat then it came from Bliss Couture.  OK will say that Bliss Couture has been holding a closing down sale for at least a year now LOL BUT that so works in our benefit because it means this and all of her other amazing hats are only 89Lds.  I don’t have many Bliss outfits as the style is non mesh and high fashioned which again for those of you who aren’t into mesh means it’s the perfect place to grab a ball gown or flouncy dress.  If like me you love your hats then you will love them here, I think I have just about all of them in my invent but sadly not all of the colours only my finances and conscience stops me buying the whole lot I love them so much.

PS when you go to Luziefee to slap the Sub board once you’ve done that click it again and chose History and then the number 1 to get the package sent to you.


Bliss Couture

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Never fear my Mojo is here.

Fingers crossed but the RL and SL “crumminess” seems to have passed.  Which means I can finally show you my great goodies.


I popped into OrsiniRed to check out an outfit that I’d seen on another Flickr post and it turns out that that outfit is only available at an event but what I did find was not only a new Dollabie but Hatili Ishtari has slashed the prices of her clothes in her OrsiniRed shop.

The top I’m wearing was only 10Ls and the jeans 15Lds and just look how good they are!  Taken in if I remember correctly my fav nams setting but I could be mistaken and it’s my sim setting but the quality remained the same no matter what setting it was.


Another 15Ld bargain, a simple wrap over dress with bow belt.  You can actually see the texturing of the fabric.  Honestly I was so pleased with it and everything here has a choice of colours if you don’t like the one I’m wearing.


As soon as I put these pretty’s on I had to show Faith and yup she TPed over to grab herself a pair although I’m not sure which colour she chose.  At 10Lds a pair you could treat yourself to a few.  Absolutely adorable and check out the cute tail!  They look like SLink but don’t worry because they’re not which means you don’t need to have SLink feet.

There is also a lovely Dollarbie and a Group Gift but you do have to pop over to the OrsiniSun shop for those.  You will also see pictures of outfits which are only available at this moment at special events (it’s the boob flashing winged dress from the Fantasy Collective event I was originally after.

A whole mix of items in her OrsiniRed shop, jumpers, bikinis, dresses, jeans, poncho and on and on so no matter what season you’re living your SL life in there is something here for you.

Even just standing here I’ve gone and snagged myself some Corduroy flared pants everything is just so reasonably priced.

PS of course I am wearing the NEW PumeC skin, NEW Anna shape and an OLD Mina hair lol.  I’ve got my greasy mitts on the new Mina hair for the up and comming The Arcade I positively drooled when I put it on but I’m saving that for another day.

OrsiniRed(Bargains galore)


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Happy BD & Freebies for our Followers.

A big Happy Rezz Day to Laurent83Waco.  He is someone who I more than happily blog for not just because of the design, texturing, pricing, gifties etc but he’s such a genuinely really lovely person and trust me some times nice people seem to be few and far between.

In any case he sent out a notice announcing that it’s his Rezz day and as a treat he’s set out a Group Gift for us “Follower”.  Sorry the picture isn’t of the Gift, I believe the gift is a poster but as soon as I saw the trays I got distracted and although there is a choice of trays this one had my name on it.   I love trays, I have an addiction to trays (one of many I’m afraid).  I have wood ones, metal ones, ceramic ones, wicker ones, retro styled, rustic style and on and on I need to stop!  and I have to confess that in SL I’m continuing with that addiction but when you see with all of the detailing and texturing you too will want it.

I picked this one as it suits me to the ground but there is a choice of others so you need to check them out. At only 6 prims and copyable I’ve rezzed 2 of them out all ready 1 on my bed and the other one outside on my bench.  Priced at 79Lds a bargain as well.


To grab Laurents Rezz Day gift you will have to be in the Follow Us group which is now only 40Lds to join and remember this is a group where he keeps all the Group Gifts out so there is now a whole wall of them and all of them are top quality home decor items.  Each on their own is worth more than the joining free and there is also a small selection of slashed priced items if I remember correctly an ironing board with iron for only 10Lds.  I’ll have to go back and check.  Make sure to check his Marketplace shop as well because he has some Dollarbies and oodles of items at just 10Lds inc desks and even some Christmas Decor items.  Speaking of which you can also use the Marketplace to send gifts and since Christmas is around the corner then perfect.

OMG I’ve just spotted something I already own and now I really can’t wait for Christmas!  Check out this link for the best Santa and sleigh in SL.  So much details and only 10prims! I’m not sure if he has one out in his shop yet but nearer Crimbo he will so you can see it inworld but it was the BEST Santa & Sleigh. We had ours flying over our sim last year and I’ll have to dust it off and now I can’t wait to set it out again.

Now for some FREEBIES for our Followers.  I thought I was on a roll yesterday at Lakua Arriage shop IONIC and the first Gacha prize I won was a RARE so Woo Hoo for me but sadly the next 4 weren’t and I don’t need or want them.  So I’ve set them out on our sim for people to pop over and grab them.  Faith has checked them and they are set for sale, I have had some issues trying to set things for sale.

OOO even more Freeness but this time off Faith.  She too had some copy wins at a Gacha and she’s sent me one of the extra’s.  It’s a  Mesh Heads that comes with skin and alphas and don’t worry you don’t need a mesh body to wear this mesh head.  It’s Super, Super Kawaii I have to say.  Not our usual look for sure, very doll like with wide eyes.  There is only 1 of them because I’m keeping the one she sent to me, you will find it in the little cupcake on our Pure Group Inviter (you don’t have to join to be able to grab it though).

Follow Us Inworld

Follow Us Santa & Sleigh

Follow Us Marketplace

Our Sim

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Shock, NON Mina hair!

Tee*fy is a place I know well and believe it or not I actually have some of Azure (azure.electricteeth) hair from here so yes I do wear more than Mina Hair LOL.


This dress is non mesh and yet still quality wearable  non mesh.  The blending of the skirt layers is seamless and has that light floaty fabric look to it and the belt under the bust line is a lovely touch.


If you’re a mesh head then this is the dress for you.  It’s got more shading on the dress and collar than I’ve shown.  Naughty of me since these come from a paid to join group but they’re so worth the token 50Lds to  esp when you check out the bags! Both bags are also Group Gifts and I ADORE THEM.  In the bottom picture I didn’t use a pose I simply stood and snapped so you can see how the pose that comes inbuilt in the bag is a nice simple and realistic one even when you’re standing.  The top bag can be resized and the bottom bag comes with 2 versions this over the arm one and a much larger one than hangs off your shoulder.  Simply adorable.

Both the hairs also come from Tee*fy and if I remember correctly they were both bought as special FLF Offers.  Thats Fifty Linden Fridays to the uninitiated and if you haven’t signed up to this weekly event shame on you so sign up for it now as it’s Friday.  You don’t have to join the Free FLF group as a lot of the shops which are involved with it send the details out in their notices but getting it through the group is a bit quicker.  The offers you get can be amazing such as these hairs and if I think about it 90% of my SLink shoes are purchased from FLF offers.

Now that I’m stood in Tee*fys grabbing the LM I can see she has a 60Ld hair set out for sale which is so similar to the first picture so if you love that hair then here is a chance for you to pop in and grab yourself something very similar.  The Group Gifts are just inside on the inside wall and there is also a big sign to take you to the old/sculpted items department.  I did pop up and as a mesh head not a lot grabbed my attention but there is a pair of leggings there I might just grab as I know the perfect top for them so you too may want to check that that place as well.