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Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Addam. (19 Group & Special event).

Yes, another inworld Birthday and this time it’s Addam’s 6th and instead of us giving gifts the gifts are for us and in this case it’s this NEW Group Gift and a big fat 50% sale going on.

I actually have a sh*t ton of credit at Addams the problem is I can’t get in to spend it and at this moment it’s even worser(sic) than normal! Which is why I’m pleased that this big fat 50% sale is lasting the whole month so we still have plenty of time for cheap treats.

The group does cost to join and at 19Lds it’s just a token price.  It’s hard to explain where the Group Gifts are as I’m going by memory as I can’t get into the packed shop plus the lag means a lot isn’t rezzing but if my memory serves me right there in the main entrance on a pillar to your left and check both sides of it as the older ones are on one side and the newer ones are on the other side.

You won’t have much problem finding this NEW one as it’s right there on a big poster board.  You get the top and shorts and big fat huds which give you so many colour/pattern options and a styling hud for the shorts.

PS.  One thing I do with a shop which I know to be “Lag Hell” is I check their marketplace shop NOT to buy as you can’t use store credit/gift cards there but to see what I want to buy when I can get into the shop.  This saves a lot of lagging around looking at stuff if you already know what it is you’d like to buy.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Happy Birthday to Yous, Happy Birthday to Yous, Happy Birthday Dear Yous, Happy Birthday Dear Yous. (Sale & Mention of Freebie).

The “Yous” in this case is the Vinyl shop and the Floorplan & Brocante shop.  Both of them have a Birthday SALE going on and I have indulged.  In the Floorplan & Brocante shop, I picked up the New Group Gifts (50Lds to join) and then treated myself to some random home decor items.  In the Vinyl shop, I didn’t buy anything but I did pick up the new free Group Gift which I am modelling in this picture.

Yes I know even squinting you can’t make it out and that’s because I only took 2 pictures of the outfit and in both, I was squinting and now that I’m not inworld and I’ve logged out in a different outfit I cannot be rat arsed to do it all again.  It’s a pretty standard bikini and nothing wrong with that my only thing is is that the top has a cannabis print on it, nothing wrong in that again lol, but I think it distracts from a really quality design.  SO when you first put it on the item is white and the hud you get changes it to the printed one, the only colour options you get is for the string, and I would suggest if you like it white then don’t go into the colour hud.

There are other Free to join Group Gifts in the Vinyl shop inc a well blogged and excellent pair of fashion snowboarder pants which are the sort of gift I hope stays out for years as they’re just that good.

As for the picture, what happened is as I was pulling poses I accidentally clicked on the waves and I hadn’t realised the new waves I bought for our sim actually come with a pretty extensive menu so that’s my excuse for not checking the photos before I changed and logged out.

PS.  I forgot to mention that although the Floorplan Group does cost as you walk further into the shopping area there is one container with dollarbies/cheapies for us.


Floorplan & Brocante. 

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“It’s getting hot in here” (10Ld TeleportHub/Belle Epoque Gift).

The notice when out and I went arunning(sic).

I’d love to show you a close up of this sexy silk dress but if I did you’d see all my gaps because we all know Belle Epoque only comes in the 1 fit.  This is a TeleportHub gift, which is why it’s 10Lds and TBH we all know where the Belle Epoque gifts and other group gifts are so I don’t need to remind you.

What I didn’t know is that there is a 50% SALE!!! Going on at Belle.  I have zero idea of how long it’s been on for or how long it goes on for what I do know is that when I click “publish” I’m rushing back in.  Again I may find nothing I either don’t already have or things which will fit me but I have hope in my heart…plus there are some hats I’ve always wanted.

BTW Check out the weekend specials, there is long split skirt which is so gorgeous and only 50Lds and I’ve got the demo so now fingers crossed it fits.

UPDATE: I treated myself.

At 163Lds I had to have this very rustic dress.  Although you can see on the boobies there is breakthrough and at the nape of my neck, even more, do I care? Hell no! This is just such a wonderful addition to my personal wardrobe as long as enough is covered up that I won’t get banned from PG sims I’m ok with it.

Belle Epqoue.

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I’m SO (not) excited…(Big 50% Sale@Pumec & Reduced Group Joining Fee).

OK, I am lying as I am very excited about the sale going on at Pumec and the reason is is that I wear virtually all the time the Pumec Agatha skin.

I’m using this picture from a very recent post but if you scroll back through my posts in virtually all of my pictures I’m wearing my Agatha skin and the only time I’m not wearing her is when I’m showing you a freebie skin and you all know that is rare.

Obviously, windlight, editing and makeup can change the whole way your face looks but even worn without makeup to me Agatha is a beautiful skin on her own right.

I will let you into a secret, not a big secret really, but I used to be a blogger for Pumec.  This was in the time before well before mesh head so I doubt they even remember me as our blog was so small at the time.  I don’t know if I just stopped blogging or they just stopped sending me items to blog but it was nothing like a falling out thing it’s just what happens as most shops/sellers in SL, they naturally like to change their blogger’s list to bring in new faces and styles.

I did buy Agatha for myself because I was hunting for a skin to match my beloved Lelutka Greer mesh head and Pumec Agatha were a perfect match.

I’ve also thought the Pumec range was most reasonably priced considering the quality and if my memory serves me right Pumec was also the first skin shop where you got the full pack of appliers in a hud as standard!  There was a time when you bought your body skin then you had to pay extra for anything else such as mesh hands/feet/Lola Titties, remember them?  BTW They are still active in SL as I was at their shop only a couple of days ago..  Again this is a long time ago now but Pumec was just always that bit more for your money.

BTW the Pumec group joining fee has also gone down from 400Lds to 99Lds which I’m assuming which is like this sale,  temporary.

Now I have very mixed feelings about the group. I’ve been in the group now for several years at the 400Ld price tag but sadly for me personally the gifts for Lelutka have been very limited and I’m pretty sure it’s been the gift skin hasn’t actually changed in maybe a couple of years, so I was actually just about to leave the group and I probably still will BUT check it out for yourself as there are a reasonable amount just for various skin/meshes.  There was a time when the group gifts were pretty generous but I think between the lack of Lelutka gifts and most recently the gifts have been items such as very bejewelled ears which just aren’t to my taste.

PLEASE I am NOT bad-mouthing the Pumec group or range of skins/accessories at all, I have very fond memories and I am hoping that there is another Lelutka skin that I can fall in love with as much as I love my Agatha.


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Old, New & SALE! (Freebies).

Even if you’re not an SL homemaker scroll to the end of this post for info on freebie tights.

ChiMia has a 50% sale going on and if you like it pay for it and you automatically get a 50% refund sent back to you.  I’ve not tried it out yet as you know me, I spotted the FREEBIES grabbed them and scurried back home.

You can just about make me out in this cabin and yes this is one of the freebies.

I’m just using our sim windlight settings so show this off.  Only 51 prims for something big enough to fit a kitchen, bedroom, living room in.

Another freebie is this fire which does go really well with the cabin but the back brick wall doesn’t blend in as well so I tested it in edit mode and although you lose the hearthstone it looks better without and even better it fits in the corner so neatly.

As for that little gift wrapping set up I know one of us blogged it and although I can’t remember who I do remember it as all of that is 1 prim!

I didn’t grab the lamp but the other thing I did grab was a pack of pastel/autumn shade stockings which come with system layers and appliers.  I will be trying them on when I log back in as they do look perfectly coloured for this season.

UPDATE: Damn I’ve just spotted a piece of furniture I bought just a week or so ago is now in this sale for half price but I ain’t mad as I love it.

PS. For the VIP Gifts the group is free to join and you pay a linden and it’s returned to you.


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Sale of Your Dreams ! 50% Off!!

Oh my days – hurry along to the Neve main store and fill your boots in the Summer Sale ! Its only on for a few days so really do not delay!!

Sale – July 4th – July 9th


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SALE!!! (Inc Freebies).

I am proud to say I showed amazing control which wasn’t easy as I was over at Zerkalo checking out their 50% SALE! And even better than 50% includes the Gacha’s.

So for only 35Lds rather than the usual 70Lds, I won this super cute umbrella/tulip…..thingi and a couple of other things but if Gacha’s aren’t your thing then there are lots of individually priced items, pg & Adult, plus you can buy fat packs etc.  So a perfect way to either furnish your home or treat yourself to something you’ve had your eye on for a while.

There are FREEBIES as well.

I remember this basket as being possibly one of the first gifts Zerkalo set out for us and it’s as good today as it was then.  I’ve shrunk mine, only 2 prims full size and 1 at this smaller size.  You can’t really see the detailing but behind is the lid with leather ties hanging off it.  This isn’t the only freebie, a great settee set in so many classic colours, a lounger etc

The sale is over on the 20th so hurry on over.