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O -M – G 50% off SALE!

coldLogic Black Friday SALE ! 50 off storewide !

Just had to share this amaaaazing sale with you all – yes yes yes coldLogic has a 50% off storewide sale on wooot! Its only on for the 27th and 28th of November , so if you’ve been eyeing up those quantum packs or the new sweater range or anyyyything in fact – get your running shoes on and dash over there ! (This sale is only applicable at the main store location.)

coldLogic store

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Creating the Atmosphere

CIRCA - NEW! PinkCherry NEW!

Soooo it’s almost Valentines day, and you need to make your space ready for lurrrrve huh? Well CIRCA has you covered with this beautiful new mesh lounge set called “Luxely”. It comes in a choice of fuscia or red, both brilliant shades for romance. If you buy the full lounge set (and its ginormous and such good value) before the 9th of January, you get a whopping 50% off ! The pancakes breakfast tray is actually a current group gift – so don’t forget to snap that up too.


Heres the matching chair, side table, love decor item and faux window. I so so SO love the window, if you’ve got a boring plain wall, slip this up onto it, et voila! Gorgeous Roman blind, a beautiful vista and a row of kisses on the windowsill. Have to say the animations in the chair, couch and pouffes are top totty, couples and single pringles included.

Circa New collection

Heres the biggy, the scene stealer…The sofa carries 60 positions, with 18 synchronized couple’s sits/lays and 24 single positions by pose menu , with 18 synchronized couple’s sits/lays and 24 single positions by pose menu.  The couple animations range from kisses, hand holding, massages, cuddles and chatting.  The matching chair has 16 single animations for male and female sits and the adorable heart pouffes have 8 sit animations each for the girls (all different). Love the low prim collection of framed prints – which btw you can edit and add your own piccies!  The coffee table is perfect, with its tokens of love scattered over the top, to which I added the tray & drinks .

CIRCA Decor detail

Close up view – as always with CIRCA it’s just so detailed and so pretty . You don’t have to buy the full set, when you arrive at the main entrance to the store, choose the second new items area to see the display , you can pick and choose which items will go with your space, perfect!

PinkCherry NEW! Argrace NEW!

Incase you’re wondering, my sexy new frock is from PinkCherry, such an unusual design , with its bib front style collar, great ribbed self sheen fabric too. Large range of colours to pick from so head over and take a gander.

CIRCA Mainstore

CIRCA market place store


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Tell no lie.

As I said as soon as I rezzed inworld right in the middle of FATEware and right in the middle of the sale I started to buy.

suitYou really need to try the demos to see what it is you get because some of the packs not only come with all the sizes as standard but so many layering options it’s really hard to describe (at 9.20AM and full of cold that is).

long coatThis long ..duster style coat is a prime example because you can wear it on it’s own or as in this case with the shirt and tie inc in the pack.


OK I stuck to the more safer colours of greys and browns but there is a range of colours to chose from.  Sorry I would try to take a better photo of the gloves and would have loved to have taken one of the socks but RL time restraints means I haven’t had the time and the time on this sale is running out.  If you like the idea of SLinks hands but don’t like the expense or the skin matching then these gloves are perfect.  Again I picked a safe shade but there is not only a variety of shades but also some more “wintery knitted” style ones.  The icing on the cake is you get a whole load of hand poses from casual to holding and the price is slashed to 150Lds.  So good Zan is comming in to try out the demo and see if the XS size will look good on her.  It’s the same with the socks they come with feet shapes in them and of course plain for wearing with non SLink or any mesh shoe.  Winter, bedsocks also available.ShirtLast photo before I take myself back to bed (I haz a cold) but I wanted to show off the slim line look.  Obviously the bulked up shoulders and “manly” chest are big in SL but so is the more natural look which is one I prefer.

Sale is in full swing but the clock is ticking.


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Hissssssss Me!

MeddieA quickie post because the sale will soon be over (mon 8th) but as soon as I heard that Daphne Klossovsky was having a 50% sale I had to grab this hair…err pet? which I had been looking at for a long time.  So for those who want to rock the Medussa look HANDverk is the place to grab this head piece.  Reduced from 300Lds to 150Lds.  Ok it’s not a normal daily wear look but then I have to say WHY NOT!! this is second life after all and if I can go shopping with a My Little Pony AV stood next to me then why not break the mould and get a look that really makes you stand out.

A bit of everything and everything is unique but her shoes are so avant garde they would not be out of place on a cat walk in RL.  The penis heeled shoe is a little bit too much for me but have to admire the skill in it’s design and I love how she has continued the snake theme is some of her shoes as well as jewelry.

ShoeBut it was these petal heels that I fell in love with.  A photo taken in the shop with no camera tricks.  So pretty so subtle and so unique.  I have actually just bought them, 150Lds and I only wish I could afford the Fat Pack.