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Go now! (FLF 50Lds).

I’ve found it I’ve found the thing which makes my cold Winter heart skip a beat.

I’ve never TPed so fast and I would have elbowed every other AV out of the way to grab this.  This is now outside of my house and with that superb twinking tree I purchased from a couple of posts ago, I think the outside of my house just screams CRIMBO IS HERE!

I just slapped it down and clicked 1 picture and then logged out because I just had to get this post done asp as I have a feeling that the “ANHELO” shop might just be one that only has them out for 24 hours but I could be wrong but I’d hate it if you missed this offer.

Yes, it’s about 32 prims so I’m going to have to pop back inworld and delete something, we like to keep a certain amount of prims free, but damn it’s worth every prim.  Taken in the sim setting I’ve chosen for Winter, till I change my mind again, it’s stunning not just in the texturing but those lights on the tree flash brilliantly.  You do get a menu so you can choose to have them on or off and how much they flash and I, of course, have jacked them up to full flash mode LOL.  I bought the red version but there is a blue one if you want.  Don’t TP out until the item is delivered to you.

I have visited ANHELO a couple of times and not just to buy their FLF (Fifty Linden Offer) but it’s not a place I like to visit as their builds/decor are unique and stunning and I am weak in the face of “unique and stunning” if I remember correctly they have a retro car with stunning poses that I’ve give my SLink Physique right arm for but so far I’ve resisted lol.

PS Just in case you’re confused, I reread my post, you’re buying the car with that Christmas tree the other tree isn’t in this picture.


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Green with envy. (Freebie).

It’s RAINING it’s dull and PISHING DOWN! A typical Summers day in the UK so allow me to tart up the picture of this freebie because I am suffering from SAD! (seasonal affective disorder).


Again because I’ve gone all out with the editing this isn’t the actual inworld colour but it really is a lovely green ombre colouring, my fav colour.  It comes from Kaithleens and I went over to check out her Discount shop where everything is just 50Lds and this and I believe there might also be another Group gift set out but I have blogged that one before, are to be found.

OK I’m going to check the weather forecast because you never know I might just be able to get my bathing cossie on and some time sun tanning in the back garden…LOL!!!

Kaithleen’s Mainshop (you can also get the GG from here)

Kaithleens Outlet shop