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Hello Old/New Fav. (35Ld Sunday Offer).

Some of you may recognise this dress/template of a dress as I’ve blogged it twice before but trust me I’m not reblogging it for the 3rd time as this is NEW.

Yes, it’s the same template but this version comes with a pretty large colour/pattern hud of 24 colours/patterns which allows you to change everything from the straps to the frills. Only 35Lds from the “EvenlineInTheBox” and it’s the 35Ld Sunday Sales offer.

There are other offers just at the front door before you go in plus a “stay at home club” freebie.  This dress/offer is to be found inside of the shop, just veer to your left.


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A little itch.(35Ld)

I couldn’t get the demo of these pants sent to me and even though I could see they come in only a Maitreya fit at only 35Lds it was worth the risk and the risk has paid off.

Fabulous, teamed with a classic design/freebie from Blueberry this is a great look for very few Lindens.  The itch is I don’t know if I’ve blogged these before something just is niggling away but they’re not in my invent and if I had they would deffo be there.

PS.  Almost forgot that you do get a hud for the belt and buckle with lots of colours.

UPDATE: I’m in the shop next door and it’s called Loki.  If you want a nice Jumper to go with this then there are 2 really nice freebies, previously blogged BUT if you want to pay 50Lds to join the Loki group you will see that there are more gifts inc an extremely pretty fluffy hoodie which has the fake hands in pockets styling.  If this “anniversary” gift is still out as we move into the Autumnal season I may just grab it then but there is no reason it can’t be worn in any season.

Yup another “UPDATE:”  I’m having a mooch around the sim and it turns out there is a hunt going on and so far I’ve found nothing which is a shame.  So I’ve put the LM for the middle of the sim which is where there is a picture board showing you the hunt prizes as they do cost but only a piddling 5Lds and there are some decent prizes inc MENS UNDERPANTS….thats a shout out for Moz.


Kaleidoscope sim

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I’m “Fukin Cute”! (35Ld Sunday Offer & Moz).

I’m not sure why this Kawaii Watermelon “lazy jacket” sung to me but as soon as I saw it in the 35Ld Sundays offer list I TPed over to snag it.

I didn’t see a demo but I could see one of the fits was mine and if it had turned out to be a stinker for 35Lds it was worth the risk and it was deffo worth it.

Not only does it hang really well and I didn’t struggle to find clothes that would fit under it but it wears well and by that I mean when sitting, walking, posing it still looks good.

You will find this and a few other 35Lds offers outside on the stall AND Moz, there are 3 very nice pieces for bargain-minded men as well.

Fukin Cute

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I made a mistake.(35Ld Sunday Offer).

The only mistake I made was thinking this was a top and not the playsuit it turned out to be, no demo which is why I missed that but I’m not sad as it was not just such a bargain but so damned nice.

There is a whole wall at the back of the shop with discounts for weekly things ie 25Ld Tue and in this case, this playsuit is the 35Ld Sunday offer.  Check out the 70Ld Weekend sale which is a cute dress called “Lilee” it has the same sort of puffiness and folds as this top.  I didn’t buy it but it was tempting.

To get to Mystique you just walk from the LM to the shop BUT check out the TP there for the Bloom shop which only has a small selection of furniture as yet but from small things big things grow and there was a couple of pieces I was so tempted but by now you will guess I get tempted a lot but I’m learning to be hard and not actually buying esp when I know I have plenty of similar items.

Mistique & Bloom

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30 is my lucky number.

Another 30Lds Sat offer this time from Mistique.


Steampunk/Victoriana at it’s finest.   You will also see some shoe showing in the top picture this a classic design of Victorian walking out dresses, the raised hem stopped the skirts trailing along the foul paths and roads of olden times and if like me you have a sexy pair of Victorian boots a nice way to show them off.


There isn’t a Demo for this outfit because it’s a 30Ld Saturday offer, you do however get a choice of 3 colours, Rosemary Pink, Rosemary Creme and Rosemary Green which of course is the colour I’m wearing but they are separate purchases. This is definitely a keeper for me.

Mistique is another shop where you must slap the sub board because it’s Mahi Dreamscape send out regular notices about all the lovely items in the special events such as 30Ld Saturday, 35Ld Sunday, 60Ld Weekends etc and this is all shop quality stuff.  The whole shop itself is a mix of furniture, decor, clothes and I did notice when I scanned up to the higher floor even poses.

You may also notice that this is the Free Parasol Faith scored last week and as soon as I saw her post I went and grabbed it and as it turns out it teams beautifully with this whole look.  The Creators Collection Box is celebrating it’s first year in SL and we all know what that means..FREEBIES and lots of them.  So if you haven’t followed Faiths link and snagged all the gifts set out for us you’d better hurry as I have a feeling it will be over soon.


Creators Collection Box