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Still not mad!(35Ld Sat)

I’m working my way through the 35Ld Sat day list and picked this up from the Ambient shop.

It ticks all my SL and RL boxes.  From the colour to the fit it’s a winner and the price tag of 35Lds makes it even sweeter. There is a matching pair of leggings/bottoms/joggers? for the same price tag.  I was tempted but then decided against it as I have something very similar already.

There are a lot of fits, woo hoo, but no demo, however, have a look on the back wall as this top, with a hud, is for sale and if you click on that you can get a demo sent to you if you want to see it as is and on the wall to the right is the full priced bottoms if you want to try them on first.


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This is “IT”.(35Ld Saturday)

Every year I try to dress our Christmas tree (in RL)differently, NO I most certainly am not one of those people who can afford to wastes a ton of money on new decorations but I often find with a bit of imagination and a whole lot of glue, paper, tinsel and a Pinterest addiction I can knock something up and this tree from Simply Shelby has totally inspired me!

It sent me scurrying to my craft supplies because I know I have fake flowers and other random stuff which is what this tree is made of.  Check out the shape as well as the branches are just randomly placed.

I’ve literally just grabbed it slapped it down, zoomed and snapped with no editing because as far as I could see or rather not see there isn’t a demo set out but I know Simply Shelby products so well I didn’t need to see a demo.  This is the 35Ld Saturday offer and it will be there till next Saturday.  Simply Shelby is one of those shops that has lots of bargains set out for us and I’ve never been disappointed.

It is 27 Prims which is actually ok when you see all the stuff shoved in those branches.  Since there is no demo I will rezz a copy of this at our LM so you can pop over to our sim to see it before you make your mind up.

PS.  Forgot to say the lights all flash and change colours.

Home Sweet Home. (to see the demo)

Simply Shelby

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It’s a booty call.(35Lds Offer& Mention of Freebies).

These shorts do come with a price tag and because I couldn’t see a demo for us to try I’ve taken this picture just in my Nams Optimum Skin & Prim windlight setting because that’s the one I use 99% of the time I use when inworld so you can see them as I do.

At 35Lds, for each colour I thought it was worth the risk that they wouldn’t be as good as they looked but they are really good and I might just go back for the silver shade as well.

You can see from the edge of the shorts how clear they are so clear I have had to add the stars to cover up my Hoo Ha.  Actually, although they don’t leave much to the imagination you could sneakily wear these when you’re out and about but if someone zooms on your booty you might get a few unwanted IM’s lol.

As I’ve mentioned I didn’t see a Demo but sometimes demo signs don’t rezz for me so I’m not sure if there is or isn’t any for you to try first. You do get the Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya, Ocasin, Venus and Physique.

These are the 35Ld Sat offer just turn to your left or follow the sign on the floor.  There are freebies here as well on the desk.

UPDATE.  I did grab one of the GG’s and I’d highly reccomend you pop over to BH just to grab it.  It’s the January GG.

Beautiful Hustler