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Cheap and Lazy.

Cheap an

I’m being both cheap and lazy here, the cheapness are these shorts which  are only 2LDS and they’re a perfect  fit and great texturing. So good that when I pop back for the LM I’m grabbing any other shades of these shorts that she may have out.

The lazy is the fact I grabbed a whole load of goodies from Renata Dragova’s shop RD Style from new and old  hunt items, dollarbies, Group Gifts (50Lds to join) etc and all I can be bothered with it these shorts.  Thats not to say that there wasn’t some other lovelies and in fact I grabbed a total of 20 items some of which are tops, skits and shoes but as always time is pressing so I’ve quickly snapped this piccie.  Hopefully the LM will take you to the room with the discount and group gifts in but check out the entrance as you can see all the hunts that are taking place and if I could find them you can.  There may also be the St Patrick’s Days gifts set out as well, Baylen has just blogged the mens jacket but there is also a dress and shoes on offer as well.

Sorry the top isn’t a cheapie but since I’m wearing it and I love it I’ll let you know that it comes from Ronsem and if I put the link at the end of the post then you will know it’s still in the shop.

RD Style

Ronsem (it’s there and more than 1 colour)