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This is my new fav “go-to” shop. (Freebie & 25Ld Tue).

I was trashing my way through my invent when I came across a dress I was 99% sure I’d not blogged so a quick TP back to the shop I got it from showed that it’s now not available as an Emerald Couture Group Gift but just as good this dress is now a “The Weekly Limited” gift and that’s a free group.

The design of the dress is a simple SL classic but that pattern and colour really just stand out, it’s pretty obvious that green is one of my fav colours lol.

Chances are if you go to the Emerald Couture shop you will remember it as I have so far blogged a couple of the Group Gifts already.  I’m pretty sure that the “EC” group is free to join.  To find those gifts and this “The Weekly Limited” gift then they’re on the last isle/back wall to your left.  You will also find some Lucky Chairs at the back of the shop.

As for that bouquet of Lily of the Valley, it’s the 25Ld Tue offer from Gumi’s Flower Shop.

PS. Lots of fits for this dress.

Emerald Couture

Gumi’s Flower Shop

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Breakfast on the GO(NOW). (25Ld Tue).

It’s Tue which means I’m working my way through the list of shops with a tempting 25Ld promo set out for us and this is the one from Kei Spot.

I think that Kei spot is one of the shops that have this offer out for only 24 hours, I could be wrong though, so I’d go now rather than later.

The 2 trays and the newspaper are all linked together and I think it all added up to 7 prims.  It does come with a pretty good but standard pose with you sat with your legs stretched out and you get a knife and fork to use.  There is a copy of this tray set rezzed in the shop so you maybe able to try that out.

Kei Spot.(Walk to the middle of the shop and turn right and its on the notice board there).

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25Ld Tues.

I thought I would have a nice leisurely time checking out this weeks “25Ld Tue” list and what I do is I first check out the shops I love before I work my way through the rest and as soon as I spotted that Belle Epoque has a special offer on it was my first visit and check these beauties out.

 YASSSS I’m a bit hating on SL at the moment because yet again another item I would love to have in RL! So nice and so cheap, 25Lds each colour and there is a blue shade but I didn’t buy that one as blue is not my fav colour.

You must try the demo first as you may just see that there is a bit of an Alpha gap and I suspect that these are designed for a Maitreya fit.  I don’t care I don’t think the gap is an issue certainly not for me and if it was I’m sure that the SLink body I use also comes with a Hud which allows you to create your own Alphas for things just like this but I’m lazy and again I don’t think it’s an issue as it’s hardly noticeable on me.

I must post this now because although a lot of the shops on the 25Lds Tue list keep their offers out all week some shops limit it to just 24 hours and so I’d hate you to miss these super boots.

PS.  You get the socks attached and they come with a 3 shade hud…again try the demo.

Belle Epoque


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I’m just playing around.(25Ld Tue).

This picture was taken only using a Windlight setting and how pretty is it but I got distracted when I spotted that Belle Epoque has a 25Ld offer out.

OK, first the super bargain which is this coat from Belle Epoque and is their 25Ld offer for the weekly 25Ld Tue event that I love to do.  You get the coat and dress which are a one piece.  I chose this red and grey version but there is a black and I think the underdress was pink.  One fit only but it’s a pretty standard fit and you can, of course, try the demo for yourself.  Next to this offer is another 25Ld Tue offer which is a Mary Poppins themed Gacha and I won the bag I’m wearing.

Just like I can’t wait for Halloween to wear my Mina Blair hair I can’t wait for Autumn to wear “Alex”.  Alex comes in 4 different ways, Fringe (bangs) and hair at the nape of the neck, fringe (bangs) only,  hair at the base only,  or no hair and just the hat.  Of course, there is a texture choice in the Hud.  Alex is now pretty old, about 4 years I think, but the quality has lasted and this one is still my fav but Mina now has, even more, hat hairs inc knitted ones so as always I will put the link for the mainshop so you can try them out if you want.

PS Alex comes in the male/female version in the pack.

We’ve started the countdown to change our sim from Autumn to Winter and I was just playing with the Windlight settings on our sim because as you can see it can make such a difference, but nope I won’t be using this one lol.

PS The 25Ld Tues offer is just outside the front doors to the Belle Epoque, on the left.  Still go inside because there are some fab Belle Epoque group gifts and I can’t remember the cost of the joining fee but it’s as cheap as I am and you all know I am one CHEAP B*

Belle Epoque

Mina’s Mainshop

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Simple one.(Freebie).

I’m stuffed, I went wild at the Christmas market in town but who could blame me with all those stalls selling hot delicious food from all across the world, at least SLing doesn’t make you gain weight.

Just a simple group gift from Roawenwood.  I didn’t have time to do the 25Ld Tuesday yesterday and even less time to do it today but I always like to check Roawenwood’s as the discounted item is often something I can use in my SL home or garden.  If you’re interested then the 25Ld item is a really good small tree in a plant pot that has dropped all it’s leaves and only has a few berries attached to the bare branches and the only reason I didn’t pick it up is that I got the full-leafed version a couple of weeks ago and I don’t think I could use this one.  Check it out though as stood on your doorstep or patio it’s a perfect winter decor item and whilst you’re there you can pick up this simple little Group Gift as they’re both in the same stall/stand.


I was just going to take the 1 piccie as it is what it is but then I realised it looks like a little chair/throne at this angle so I just took a side shot for you to see it from the side.


You have to join the Free Group to get this, click and buy it for 1Ld and I think you get the linden returned to you.  To find this and the 25Ld item then when you rezz turn to your left and it’s in the stand/stall.

Kill some time here as well because although Ro….builds/furniture etc are all leaning towards the Medieval/RP/Gor market there is plenty here for anyone’s home.


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25Ld Tuesdays.

I’ve mentioned this weekly discount day before and fortunately for me a lot of the shops that put an item out at a slashed down price of only 25Lds leave them out all week because I was so busy yesterday I didn’t get the chance to do it but as soon as I got inworld and was checking my notes/notices I spotted this little beauty and I was off to grab it.


Long ago when I used to spend my Lindens as though they were confetti I bought almost the same identical thing but I sure as HECK didn’t just pay only 25Lds for it!   Although I’m always looking for the next cheapo I also look at all the new and fresh designs in SL because gradually those designs work their way down and become much more affordable for those who don’t mind the wait.


The shops on the 25Ld Tuesday list are aimed more towards the RP,Gor,medieval, rustic market but as I always say if you let those labels put you off checking then look at the sort of thing you could be missing!

This comes from the Mystique shop and I’ve gotten many of their 25Ld bargains in the past and I’ve shown you a few of them as well and I do know that they do stay up until next Tuesday.  BTW if you’re not keen on this shade then there are 2 other options in the Hippo board for you to choose from and make sure you buy only from the clearly market 25Ld Tuesday hippo board.  Right next to the 25Ld Tue board is the 30Ld Saturday board and that’s a most unusual rug with a chair back, you will see for yourself if you go but that too might just be mine when I go back to LM grab.

This is a really good shop to slap the sub board or even join the group as Mahi Dreamscape (mahilwen.mistwalker) has weekly discounts on shop quality items of clothing and decor and it’s a shop I never miss out checking out.

PS If you already have Mistiques LM in your invent, scrap it and this is a new LM.

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Get a Third Life, (Freebie Group).

I’m only in 2 Freebie Groups in SL as TBH they’re so busy and active it’s hard to keep up with all the super freebies and offers that come out all the time. SL Free’s & Offers is one and the other is called “Third Life”.

Often you will find that when a shop has out a gift for one of the groups they will also have one out for the other free group and that’s the case with this shop, ALTER , as it has 2 gifts out but I’m just showing you the Third Life gift but the SL Free’s & Offers gift is right next to this one so you can grab both at the same time.  It’s also handy that the Group Joining Boards are also right there next to the gift so it makes it super easy.


OK enough chat and yup I’m wearing a light flooding face/body light because I wanted to “commit a nuisance” geddit??? LOL Yeah OK I was just having fun but obviously the editing has changed the overall texture/colour of the outfit but the colours, apart from the black, are pretty bold and yes that means you get a colour changing Hud as well.


Make sure to either “wear” or “attach” rather than rezz the gift as it’s a pop up on your screen and you just click that and accept your gift then detach/delete the pop will know what I mean.  Comes in, from what I can remember, all the standard mesh sizes plus a couple of mesh bod ones so a fit for all.

So I missed it last week but I am determined not to miss it this week and I’m talking about the 25Ld Tuesday offer.  Most of the shops involved in the 25Ld Tuesday lean towards the RP/Gorean/Pheasant/Medieval SLers DO NOT let that put you off!  I have found some amazing, excellent decor and clothes for just this token price and it’s the weekly offer I hate missing so I’m logging  back inworld now to LM grab and then hunt me down some cheap goodies.