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What I bought. (25Ld Tue).

A quick post to show you just the 2 things I bought from the 25Ld Tue list.

The bauble/swag is from Simply Shelby. So happy it is mod as I had to shrink it to fit my fireplace. Now I know it can I’m going to put it in a few other places as I do believe it’s only about 3 prims.

This planter is from Muniick..and I can’t resist planters especially when they’re this quality. Again only about 2-3 prims.

I don’t have the inworld link as I’m just about to head out…pay attention because you can get the links to the different shops if you look on the right-hand side of the seraphim the white area which lists the shops this is what you can click to get the inworld link.

Seraphim Blog, pictures of 25Lds.

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STAHP IT!!! (25Ld Tue).

I tried my hardest to stop this tree from running around like a loon so I could get a decent shot of it and failed lol.

These Animesh trees are so freaking funny I just had to get them. I say “them” because you get 6 different styles in the pack. I think the biggest one is 23 prims which is pretty good for Animesh. You can click on them and you can change the colour of the bark and also set the parameters of how far they will run plus you can have them move in a circle or a square. I’m pretty sure they also react to their surroundings so basically if they come across a solid object ie wall, rock it makes them change. directing. One thing for sure is that there are 2 examples rezzed on the roof garden at the Gumi shop.

They are the 25Ld Tue gift from Gumi’s Flower Shop.

Gumi’s Flower shop.

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I’m homeless.(25Ld Tue).

UPDATE: I for the life of me couldn’t find the descriptive word for this dress and it’s “Playsuit” ! Phew I feel better now as it was just nagging the heck out of me lol.

Just as I was about to pull a pose in my new dress when the “CLANG OF DOOM” rang warning me to TP out before the sim restart starts.

Natually I went to my second home which is of course the house on the hill outside of Mina’s. One day she will spot me and charge me rent lol.

This week the 25Ld list is pretty long and as I scrolled through it this dress is the thing that stood out for me and once I’d tried the demo on and found it was a really nice fit for me AND that skirt is actually very loose shorts I treated myself to it.

You might find it hard to find but when you go into the Mistique shop, veer to the left and it’s just on the normal stand and it’s only this colour which is the 25Ld offer.

I will also put the link to the 25Ld Tue Blog as you can see whats on offer and also on the right hand side is the LM’s.

The only thing is I can see a couple of shops are on that list but I can’t see any picture showing whats for sale so for example Belle Epoque is on the list but there isn’t a picture. Sometimes a picture is too late to be put up in the post so make sure to check out any shop which is in the list even if there isn’t a picture shown.

25Ld Tue Blog. Pictures and LM’s.


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It’s your second chance.(25Ld Tue).

I’m so pleased that this gorgeous coat and short set from Belle Epoque has been put out as a 25Ld Tuesday offer.

I already had this coat so my remaining 92Ld budget is safe.

Don’t worry if you’re not keen on this natural colour she has some lovely bright or pastel shades on offer. I will say that if I wasn’t on a budget I would have snapped up the blue and pink summery coats.

If you’ve not worked it out this is the sort of design where you alpha your arms/hands out and you keep this hands in pocket pose.

I’ve also popped one of Mina’s “beanie” hairs on just to show you one of the other styles she has. “Sira” (not a 100% sure I have the name right) comes with a large colour palette for the hair and the style hud inc in the 300Ld price.

Belle Epoque.

Mina’s Mainshop.

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I’m so rude lol. Happy Birthday 50% Sale & FREE Hunt & 25Ld Dress.

The note I sent to Faith was rather cheeky and it basically said “Back off Belle, it’s mine!!!”

As soon as I landed I knew something was going on because of all the fluffy pink clouds of the unrezzed then I spotted the big sign which says that in celebration of Belle Epoques 5th Birthday there is a 50% sale going on. Which on its own is an excellent way to pick up something you may have wanted but not had the budget for it.

Now for the icing on the cake…A FREE HUNT!

WOW, just look at that list of contributors to this hunt! I logged back in to read the handwritten part of the note as it’s not too clear in this picture. I wanted to see if the gifts from that big list of other shops were in the Belle Epoque shop or you had to visit theirs to pick up the gift and the note is just a lovely thank you one from Janire who is the name behind the Belle Epoque Range.

So far I have easily found 3 of the cakes, white ones, and yes everything is FREE. Although as you can imagine the place is humming but not so much as to make it hard to do.

TAKE NOTE. The discount sale is only till the 15th while the hunt goes on till the 30th, plenty of time for us all to grab a whole load of goodies.

Now for the 25Ld item.

I already owned this dress so it was nice to be able to dust it off to show it to you again. It is this week’s 25Ld Tue offer. As always I chose the mainly green one but plenty of other colour combo’s for you to check out.

PS. Can you see whats photo bombing me?

Belle Epoque

Blogging SL

“It’s time to say Hello to 25Ld Tue”. (Cheapie & Freebie(s))

I just love hats, never wear them but I still can’t resist them so when I saw this one which is one of the 25Lds offers out in the shop. The other 25Ld offer is a dress but not the one I’m wearing.

I was so happy that I didn’t need to faff on with trying to get a hair to fit under it so the only difficulty was chosing which colour to buy.

I will put the link to the Seraphim blog so you can see everything thats on offer as it can be much quicker looking on their blog as you can see all the offers on the one page and also use the links to TP direct to the shop.

Now for one of the freebies.

A most interesting style with that macrame effect and bamboo heels. The other freeie is a dress with a very good hud. Both of these are Group Gifts from the Hilly Haalan shop.


Belle Epoque

Hilly Haalan

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It’s a slow, slow, slow, start. (25Ld Tue).

Blimey even after 2 coffee’s I’m still pooped.  I will say that looking out of my window it looks like a beautiful day so once I click “Publish” I’m off out for a refreshing walk.

DRAT! I won’t mention it if you don’t notice it lol.

Plenty of fits and you can try the demo.  This is the 25Ld offer from Paper Sparrow.  You only get a choice of 1 colour and it was hard to choose which one. I could have paid a bit more, 120 or 125Ld for the fat pack.

Check out my link to the Seraphim blog so you can see everything for sale and get the link to both the inworld LM’s and the Hud.

Paper Sparrow.