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Hard to resist.(25Ld Tue Belle Epoque).

There are two 25Ld offers at Belle Epoque obviously this dress/costume is the one I went for as it was the one which I knew I’d get a decent fit.

I chose the ivory coloured one but looking at it now I wish I’d gone for another shade as even though they’re all very light you could probably see the lovely pattern and texture more in another colour.

As this is a 25Ld Tue I’m not 100% sure if it will be out for sale at this price after today so check it out now.

Belle Epoque.

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Where’s Wally?(25Ld & Freebie)

I’m actually hiding in this picture but I betcha you can’t guess where I am hiding.

The Trapdoor under the table is where you will find me, just click, sit and voila you’re gone.  This is the 25Ld tue off in the “Out of the wood” shop and if you look at the bottom right of the picture the washing basket is the freebie as it’s the group gift next to the trap door.

Grumbling time.

From the RL birdshit on my window to dealing with stupid people and all of the small but extremely irritating things that have plagued me since yesterday, I’m done with RL.  So I’m going to spend today “Netflix and Chill” or in my case”Sky and SLing and Chill”.  I hate to say it though as I have a feeling that those irritations may have followed me into SL as I would have sworn I already owned that trapdoor but I couldn’t find it so I had to rebuy it and there are other things but if I don’t point them out I hope you won’t point them out lol.

Out of the Woods

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Heads Up.(25Ld Tue).

Just a quicky because it’s TUESDAY and you know what that means?  My fav weekly event of 25Ld Tuesday.

Because I know that Belle Epoque only keeps it’s 25Ld offer out for a very limited time go now and not later.  There is a demo available and I do believe this pretty dress is prob a Maitreya fit only I snapped it up,  yes there is breakout at the back but I can either live with it or as I have done in this picture I popped a hair on that goes down the back and covers up the minor breakthrough. but try before you buy.

OK, Nuff said because I want to check out the rest of the list and I’ve only managed to log inworld late and although a lot of the sellers do leave their special offers out till next tue some remove them from sale quickly and I don’t wanna miss any goodies I may find useful.

BTW although a lot of the shops involved with this event send out the full list of shops it doesn’t always happen so if you want to make sure you get the list then the group you need to join is “25Lds Tuesday Connection” and that way you can get the list from there.

Belle Epoque.