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Not free, not new(?)but a place you can go.(Super Bargain & Dollarbie).

I am pretty sure that this 20Ld bikini set is a reblog as the style of it is so familiar and yet I can’t remember if the one I had, from oodles ago, came with a sheer or non-sheer version and add to that you get a MASSIVE hud option for the colours.  It’s one where you can select preset colours or use the slider to shade it to the exact shade you want.

As it happens we have placed this pool in sim so if you want to dip your AV toes into some cool water or just sit and chill you know you’re all welcome.

Our sim is open to all and anyone is free to roam and wander.  Don’t judge me as I’m still in full rebuild mode because of my swimming pool so “don’t mind the mess”.

Also, don’t worry that you will be bothered or you have to say anything to us because 90% of the time we’re hunting the goodies down or on our platforms rezzing away.  We don’t even talk to each other as well as Faith can be on her platform and I will be on my own and we’re in our own little SL world LOL.

These are shades I picked using the slider.  I also picked up this dollarbie ice cream bag because I thought it was cute and would make a great decor item as I don’t wear bags.  It does come with a post but I can’t use it as a decor item as at 17 prims it’s too primmy…damn those prims!

Bikini (Marketplace)

Handbag (Marketplace)

Home Sweet Home

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

1st of Three! (20Ld Pumpkin Hunt).


Instead of doing one long post I’ve broken it up into 3 because they’re also 3 very different items.

OK first the bargain priced hunt@Powers and each prize costs only 20Lds and as usual with paid for hunts there is a picture showing you the prize and what number it is so you can buy as much or as little as you want.  Lovely texturing and details makes this simple and classic design worth a heck of a lot more than the 20Ld cost.  Now that I’m back here LM grabbing I’ve spotted that 2 of the 20Ld hunt prizes are right up my street.  A pair of boots and shoes which will be a great addition to any invent but before you go inside the shop just outside and to the right of the main doors are the Free to join GG’s.  I recognise a few of them so I will have shown you them before but well worth a TP over to grab.