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Boo Hoo!!! (15Ld Ricielli Hunt, Info Only).

This picture has nothing to do with the hunt it’s just a pretty picture as I can’t really show you what I really wanted to show you.

When I logged in it was a case of Woo Hoo as there is now a NEW Hunt going on at Ricielli and a whole board of temping quality items for only 15Lds each and this is where the “Boo Hoo” comes in.

There is a colour code to show you which fit the item comes in and so I almost made a mistake and bought something that didn’t actually come in my fit as the Legacy and SLink HG fit code colours are very similar so make sure you pick the right one. Fortunately, it’s easy to see what’s in the pumpkin before you buy it which is why I spotted I’d made a mistake

Then I did buy a top and even though it’s a SLink HG fit it doesn’t fit my SLink HG body.  The mesh texture and chains bury themselves into my AV and I cannot/do not want to show you a picture of this because I DO NOT want to put you off this hunt. This, as always with the Ricielli Hunt is a fab way of picking up some shop quality goodies for your invent and in all the years I’ve treated myself to something from these hunts this is the FIRST time ever something just hasn’t worked.

If you really want to make sure something is going to fit then most if not all of the hunt item are just a single colour but for other colours, they’re for sale at full price in the shop and this means you can try the demo out before you buy.

PS. If you’re wondering the Scarecrow is one of the freebies from HPMD that I didn’t show you.


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I can’t do it anymore!!! (15Ld Hunt).

I’ve had a couple of days off SL and so when I’ve logged in to check “wassup” it looks like I was just about to miss another chance to score some amazing goodies.  This is a sim wide hunt with some of the best clothing shops in SL and you’re hunting for…yup pumpkins.  Don’t panic they’re so easy to find.  Each pumpkin cost 15Lds and usually when the prize comes with a price tag you have pictures to show you what the prize is and that’s not the case in this case, although one shop also has its own hunt going on and it does have a picture reference for you to check out.

Now for the “but” I also know that some of these shops are ones that don’t inc SLink Physique as standard, SLink Hourglass yes but not the Physique, and because of that I just grabbed 2 pumpkins and nope not for me, I could at a push wear the skirt out of one of the prizes but I have plenty of skirts that are for my shape.

So not a lucky hunt for me but of course you lot will be able to score probably some excellent additions to your invent.

This hunt is only a 2 dayer and today is the 2nd day so this is a heads up to not delay.

Halloween Hunt

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Home Sweet Home(Hunt item).

Now that we’ve removed the blinding snow off our sim it’s so nice to be able to take piccies in my home or in this case a stand alone kitchen I have set out.


I’m being very quick with this post, I literally snagged the goodies an hour ago, TPed home, took 1 picture and then logged out.

This is one of those hunts where each items cost a token price and in this case it’s 15Lds.  Like many shops doing this sort of hunt there is a big board in the entrance to show you exactly what is in each bright yellow stars so you can buy exactly what you want and not what you don’t. I have to say I originally ear marked just 3 items and ended up buying 5 and yet I’m showing you only 2…go figure LOL.

The skirt comes in all the mesh and mesh body sizes, a cute waist cinched skirt.  I did notice in the picture that it comes with a black body but I didn’t notice that as I was basically rushing and I’d already earmarked this jumper to go with the skirt in any case and this is where I give you a bit of a warning.  Look closely and you will see no boobies LOL.  It took me a little while to realise that it is very flat which means this is probably the one and only item, apart from the eyes, that is for the men folk.  Having said that perfect for layering under clothes! and you do get 3 colour options as well.

What I’m not showing you is #1,10&12.  Which are the shoes/booties, the full black outfit and black mesh eyes.  Love the eyes so much I’m going back for the green ones.

As I’ve said this is a quickie because although I couldn’t see an ending time I can only imagine it’s going to be pretty soon so for 15Lds a pop some very handy invent staples to be found.  Avi Glam is new to me and I’m heading back as I did spot some more interesting skins for men and women and a whole load of hair and since this isn’t a shop I know well I’m going to pop back just to try on the demos.

PS of course taken in my Nams setting.


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Ignore me.

This isn’t a flat backdrop but  a piece of “abandoned land” which seemed perfect for my next post.  So the reason you need to “ignore me” is because what I’m wearing is just a TINY token of whats on offer at R.iceli.  Honestly there is a MASSIVE selection of clothes, mesh, skirts, SLink shoes, boots, tops, jeans, jackets, skins, hairs and on and on and every single items is a token 15Lds.  So you may not want anything that I’m wearing in this picture but you will miss out on some seriously excellent clothes if you don’t pop over yourself to check it out.ignore

As it happens there is 2 big events going on at the same moment and what you will see is in the Ricielli shops (LM given for both)  is a whole load of pink stars and black heart balloons and each only costs 15Lds.  Fortunately each balloon or star is numbered and you can check the big boards to see what it contains so if you just want the 1 item or stock up with a whole load of clothes you get what you want.

When you meander around you will find a treasure trove because Fhara K Ricielli the founder of Riicielli has unbelievably put every item from previous events in a room on their own.  Again each item is only 15Ld and the posters are there so you can see exactly what you’re getting.  Very generous and this is great stuff.  The texturing, fit and look is shop quality but remember to check out all of the new items on the racks.  The first thing I saw when I went in was the nicest jumper I’ve seen for ages and if it wasn’t for the fact I’m a cheap biatch, and have a stuffed invent, I would have snatched it up.


PS this is Sid, the hair I mentioned in my previous post.  It’s such a recognisable hair that as soon as you see others wearing it you know where exactly it came from.  This is one of her unisexed hairs and I do believe Baylen has already modelled it.  I will check out if this is out anywhere at a discounted price but even if it isn’t at a standard 250lds for her colour packs Mina hairs are more than reasonable.

PS I also forgot to mention that lots of items come with more than 1 shade, so for example the leather trousers I’m wearing come in 4 different colour options the shoes I’m wearing but you can’t see come with 3 colour options it doesn’t really get any better.

Ricielli Shop 1

Ricielli Mainshop

Ricielli Secret Stash Room(just to make it easier to find)

Mina Mainshop

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I am really trying to hunt down some freebie goodies and having mixed luck but if you have a few Lds to spare (15 for each outfit) then you couldn’t go wrong dropping into Liv Glam where Miss s.S.Jones (samanthasjones) has set out a massive 58 items of clothing from the full outfit to seperates.  Not only that but there are what looks like a few others from guest shops such as Evolve, Kathleens, 1Hundred etc.


What you’re looking for is a tray with a bottle of bubbly and glasses on it BUT what I so appreciate is that it’s not a guessing game as to what you’re buying because outside of the shop are 4 large board which shows you exactly what each bottle contains and their number so you can pick and chose what you want and not end up wasting money.  I just clicked and bought the first bottle I found and this is what was inside (I think it was number 13) tbh going to ditch the jacket/top combo but simply because this isn’t my SL or RL style but keeping the slacks as they’re cute.  A real good mix of clothes from super casual to high fashion, shoes to dresses, trousers to boots.

Don’t panic like I did when all you get is a “Dark Horse Hud” you simply wear it and it shows on your screen and you click it and it delivers your goodie to you.

Liv Glam

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Worst Hunt Ever!!!!

Why worst hunt? simply because the giant pumpkins you’re looking for are unmissable so basically as a “hunt” its rubbish but OMG what brilliant stuff.  Each pumpkin cost only 15Lds and trust me the contents are not cheap.  Shop quality mesh goodies and if that wasn’t enough to get you there the poster in the entrance of the shop show you the items that are in the pumpkins and even the number so if your down to your last 15Lds and there is something that you really want you can go straight to that pumpkin and buy it (then come back later and snag the rest because you’d be a fool not to).  Although this is mainly mesh there is a lovely set of make up and a rather creamy yummy skin on offer as well.  Once you’ve checked out this quality and their reasonable pricing you will be LMing this place for sure.

I’ve previously bloged the top before but it deserves special mention because I LOVE it. Non mesh and perfect.  As usual I stuck to the safe cream colour but they have such a pretty choice.  Love this shop and if the LM doesn’t take you straight to the top then have a lovely time wandering around (and if you still can’t find it just drop me a note inworld and I’ll take you there). Actually don’t because I’m wandering around now and I’m so tempted by so many things.  Some lovely high fashion and yet wearable clothes here so for the sake of my remaining SL budget I’d better TP outta here!

Ricielli Halloween Hunt

Vogue Sissel Top