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Just bob, bob, bobbing along. (15LD Reminder & Dollarbie).

As I meandered SL I came across a shop with some weird and interesting Dollarbies, I picked up a pig mask, a full-sized steamer boat, footstool, farm cart and balloons.

Then I went to Ricielli as it’s another shop I like to visit as I love the “Hunts”.  Sadly it’s still the Easter Hunt so this is really just a reblog post.

I think we all know the Hunt that goes on at “Ricielli” and the quality items you can pick up for just 15Lds, everything from dresses, skirts, lingerie etc. Since this hunt can and does change at any time if you’ve missed the last post then go now.

PS.  The AO when wearing the balloon is a rather fun swimming motion.


Silly Dollarbies?

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Out of time.(15Ld shoes).

At 15Lds these shoes are most definitely not bank breaking.

I picked these up from the “Up Summer” event.  It’s the usual thing ie stalls with gift bags on them and most are priced at 10Lds I did spot one for 0Ld and then, of course, these for 15Lds and you will find these on the “Gloss” shop stall.

This is where it sorta gets complicated.  LM takes you to the middle of a shopping platform where there are lots of small shops and 3 big shops and the TP to the “Up Summer” shop doesn’t seem to be working so you will have to walk to the big shop with the “Up Summer” on the outside.

Check out the other shops inc one of the other larger shops also seems to have 10Ld gifts set out on stalls but I really have run out of SL time.

UPDATE:  Talk about Kismet, I’m mooching in the Marketplace and even though I wasn’t looking I’ve found these shoes are in the Gloss MP shop, still 15Lds so if you’re struggling to find them inworld or just want an easier way then check out the MP link.

Up Summer

Gloss (Marketplace Shop)

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I can’t do it anymore!!! (15Ld Hunt).

I’ve had a couple of days off SL and so when I’ve logged in to check “wassup” it looks like I was just about to miss another chance to score some amazing goodies.  This is a sim wide hunt with some of the best clothing shops in SL and you’re hunting for…yup pumpkins.  Don’t panic they’re so easy to find.  Each pumpkin cost 15Lds and usually when the prize comes with a price tag you have pictures to show you what the prize is and that’s not the case in this case, although one shop also has its own hunt going on and it does have a picture reference for you to check out.

Now for the “but” I also know that some of these shops are ones that don’t inc SLink Physique as standard, SLink Hourglass yes but not the Physique, and because of that I just grabbed 2 pumpkins and nope not for me, I could at a push wear the skirt out of one of the prizes but I have plenty of skirts that are for my shape.

So not a lucky hunt for me but of course you lot will be able to score probably some excellent additions to your invent.

This hunt is only a 2 dayer and today is the 2nd day so this is a heads up to not delay.

Halloween Hunt

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SL reality.(0-15Lds Apples for Teacher Hunt).

This is my SL reality.

I betcha wondering what’s up with this picture, if you look in the background I’m rezzing houses to see which one I want to move in for Winter, yes I know I’m early but I get so little time to decor a house out I thought I would start early but the other thing I do is I simply delete my old house leaving all the decor just hanging there waiting to be sorted through and decide whats to be packed away and what I will move into the new home.

Anyhow ignore the bag and just look at the coat, for the moment that is. I knew this hunt prize was going to fit even if it didn’t come in my size.  I’ve taken the picture in my Nams setting as that’s what I use when I want to see things as they are and I only change back to the Windlight setting so the whole sim looks atmospheric and pretty.  This prize cost me I believe 15Lds and is one of 4 you will find in the Entice shop.

If you don’t have a budget then you might want to check out Tori’s Style shop because the apple there cost you nothing and in it is a very handy strappy top which some interesting colours in the hud normally it would be a keeper for me but I want WOOLIES and SNUGGLIES, not summery stuff but I’d totally recommend you get it and not just because it’s for free, and comes in ooodles of fits.

If you do have some money to spend and you like the bag it’s a Gacha win from one of the shops involved in this hunt. I do actually like bags and so for 40Lds I thought I’d give it a go.  Comes with a wearable pose, used, but I’m hoping it’s low enough to be used as a decor item.

If you want the full list and pictures then go to the Entice shop first and click the board and you will be sent it.

Entice (Yes there is a board for you to click and the note with all the Links/pictures etc are sent to you.)

Mockingbird (Hunt prize and the bag Gacha)

Tori’s Style(Tank Top, not shown).

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Let the ramling, insane, high begin. (Cheapies).

D day isn’t till tomorrow (D=Dentist) but I’ve now got all my RL stuff sorted and I’ve made my “nest” in RL and SL.  Actually apart from the fact it is virtually impossible to get identical things inworld and RL it’s pretty damn close to what I have set up all I need to add to it is a pile of throws a laptop and a couple of Kitties and I’m set to go.

Actually the main reason for recreating my nest is because I’m also going to make my SL  as simple as possible and just use my cosy nest as a backdrop for pictures for the following week as I heal.


As I said I was going to make it a super easy week for me and just do the On9 Hunt that I mentioned in my last post but then I got sidelined! Vliet Ricielli the co owner of Ricielli needs a damned good kiss (sorry don’t know who else is involved with this shop but they too need a good snog) as a Thank You for all of the pretty amazing and bargain busting Hunt prizes.

What you’re looking for are large Christmas baubles and TBH they’re not actually a hunt as they’re hardly hidden and are oversized so you cannot miss them.  Each bauble is priced at only 15Lds and because they’re paid for prizes there is also a large board in each shop to show you what is in each bauble so you can pick and chose what you want or again at 15Lds and a variety of prizes you could treat yourself to the whole lot.

Now it’s even better because you will notice that the Balls come in pairs, I just had to say that LOL, both contain the same prize and both are priced the same the only difference is one contains copy/trans items and the other is copy only which I think is bloody amazing!  It basically means you can buy as gifts or buy them for yourself and then when you don’t wear them anymore you can hand them on or just keep the sizes that fit you and pass on the sizes that don’t fit you BUT DO THE DECENT THING! and DO NOT RESELL THEM!  I know and hope a lot of our readers are decent people but sadly there are those who would do that and this abuses the designers/shop owners generosity and that is when you find things like this becoming harder to find.

Back onto nicer things because I had gone to Ricelli to find the Free On9 prize and as it happens it’s hidden, badly, right next to the Gacha’s which also happens to be in the part of the Ricelli shop which had ALL of the old 15Ld Hunt prizes all bunched together, all still at the 15Ld mark and all still with the pictures to show you whats inside.  Bargains galore!  There is a vast selection of shoes, dresses, tops, jeans, leather n lace etc so basically something for everyone.  I cannot give you the LM for this shop but walk around outside and you will see that the shop with the Gacha’s and old hunt items in in the shop behind a shop.  Actually it’s not as complicated as I have made it sound but if you have a problem just let me know.


So this is Prize #5  “Kimmie” and of course you can see exactly who it’s modeled on.  OK not my fav because it comes with the classic “fat ass” look but I’m not into fat asses but I know many are so ignore my preference if you like a fat ass then grab this one..ooeerr.  2 colours in this pack as oddly enough I actually preferred the Purple and I usually hate Purple!


There is a reason for this close up and it’s not for the “nip slip” or showing you the Purple “Kimmie”  it’s to show you a new bargain skin.

I had popped over to Naminoke to find the Hidden Cupcake, which I did, and as I was there I checked out the outside Gacha’s as I have a couple of wins from them which I was very pleased with and I came across a small Yardsale selection and there was a pile of these skins.  Sorry no details ie the name of the skins because I forgot to make a note of it but I do know that this skin  came with so many of the main Mesh Appliers and at only  70lds was so cheap I decided to treat myself.  I’ve taken all my pictures just in my Nams skin n prim setting so you can see the skin and all the Ricielli clothes as I see them inworld.  It’s a really nice skin, great bargain etc so once you’ve grabbed the On9 prize check out the Gacha’s there and also there is still a nice pile of these skins waiting to be bought.


Prize #7 is this, just a good basic, well quality top with all the standard mesh sizes and 2 fitted mesh sizes.  Pink and a purple/pink ombre coloured one.


Prize #10 is a KEEPER for me! In this prize you get  shoes for SLink High, Belleza, Maitreya, TMP and I can’t remember how many shades of the shoes you get but it was about 5 ie black, red, beige and you can chose the buckle metal as well.


Prize #…..damn I forgot the number of this prize but it’s clearly marked on the large boards in the shop but this is another KEEPER and in fact I’ve spotted that there is an identical one but in a different shade.  This comes with just the 1 shade and the standard mesh fits but again only 15Lds I’m going back for the other matching top.  I think you can see clearly in my Nams setting the great colour/tex and of course we all love a little bit of “nip” detailing LOL.

One of the reasons Ricielli can be so generous is that the full priced outfits in the shop rock.  I spotted some simple, pretty cotton dress shirts which have all the folds and shading that give the best SL clothes a touch of realism so although she will probably make a nice little profit from selling items at this 15Ld price tag due to the popularity of these hunts it’s undoubtedly nice if you can splash out and treat yourself to a brand new Spring outfit.

PS and I know this is going to sound odd there is actually much bigger and better things in this hunt ie leather jackets, skirts etc but I picked the clothes I knew I would and could use in the future.  There is also a Marketplace shop and I’ve spotted plenty of promo priced items inc I’ve also spotted a lot of the items come with Colour Huds as well which adds to the temptation.



Ricielli Marketplace