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Good Morning. (10Ld Hunt Belle Epoque & Last Mention of the FREE Genus Head).

First, 3 of the 10Ld Belle Gifts and then I promise it’s my last word on the Genus head.

The 3 items I’m wearing are all only 10Lds each.  If you only have 10Lds then get that coat! I wasn’t going to buy it but when my pointer hovered over the stethoscope(that’s what you’re looking for) I decided for such a small amount I’d give it a go and not only is it OTT, super fuzzy and a damned good fit it comes with that hand pose.  So as you walk/stand etc your hands are in front of you which is such an excellent touch to such a great coat.

The retro hat/hair and dress are both separate gifts but obviously meant to go together. There is a lovely mix of t-shirts, dresses and even decor and everything is just 10Ld each.


OK Last word on the Genus head, even if you own a mesh head go get it…now but remember you can get it from the Group Notices so you don’t have to fight the lag in the inworld shop.

I’m NOT wearing it in this picture, I still love my Lelutka head, but I had to log inworld first thing this morning and continue on with my “tweaking” as I know my pictures in the post I did about it don’t really do it justice.  So I tweaked the shape and lips, used a different skin from the free pack and added freckles and OMG I’m gorgeous lol, so much so at some stage esp since there seems to be a sale going on I’m going to see if I can get a matching body skin so I have this wonderful backup for when I feel like a change.

PS. How many of us will now be kicking ourselves for binning all the free Genus gifts from events, ME!

Belle Epoque


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I give up! (Mention of Freebie, Dollarbies & 10Ld Hunt).

This dress is NOT a Dollarbie/Freebie or sadly a 10Ld Hunt Prize, sorry.  A while ago one of you lovely readers sent me a Ghee gift card and usually, I would have politely turned it down or passed it on lol, but then I remembered this dress from Ghee and kept the gift card and treated myself to it and ever since then I’ve been using this dress as a “go-to” dress.  Full price it’s 199Lds…..or in my case free.

So what exactly am I giving up?  Trying to find a bloody hunt prize I want.  Turns out that there is a “Nautical” hunt going on at Ghee and the smaller shops sharing the same shopping area.

40 bright red anchors hidden inside and outside of each shop and each prize is priced at 10Lds and from the title, you can tell they’re all in a nautical theme.  As usual click the board and you get sent a hud/picture which shows you the prize, fits and the number your looking for.  So far so good but I started hunting last night and then again today and out of the 40 hidden anchors I’ve found just 5! Not only that but it’s 5 of the prizes I don’t want or won’t fit as one of them is shoes but only for Maitreya.  I now have a bit of a headache from all that camming and zooming so I’m just going to STEP AWAY and leave it for you lot to have a fun time prize hunting whilst I log off and have an old lady nap.

As for the dollarbies, the Ghee group isn’t free and there is a lot of Group Gifts but on another wall in the same reception area are shelves where it looks like a lot of older items have been dumped for us.  I know I’ve picked some up in the past and I can only think that I either did a post or didn’t because they haven’t aged well but really at 1Lds it’s always fun to pick up a gift box or two and have a surprise.  I did pick up a free bag, 1 prim rezzed, in one of the smaller shops but other than that because I was so busying trying to find the Anchors I didn’t really pay much attention to what else there may be out as gifts.

PS, if you’re wondering it’s the Hunt prizes no 1 and 10 I want.


TBH I was hoping some sweet person with eagle eyes and the patience of a Saint would find the items and I wanted and that sweet person was Guinn.

I think you can now see why I really wanted these 2 items.  Not that there was anything wrong with the rest of the hunt prizes but this is the one I thought I’d get the most use out of.

And now I can take off my “Protest feet”.

I was in a bit of a huff because of the hunt and then those fab shoes not being for my feet so yes I put these ones on and just stomped around SL and I wasn’t going to take them off till I found something…I can now take them off lol.

Ahoy There! Ghee Nautical Hunt

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Simply Sweet.(10Ld’s TeleportHub/Belle Epoque Gift)

A quickie.

This is a Belle Epoque Dress from the Belle Epoque Shop but you have to be in the TeleportHub group which costs only 10Lds.  One size does not fit all so for my SLink shape it’s a nope but for you Maitreya’s then it’s a yes.

Also, that “The sun is coming” hunt is still on!  I blogged it a while ago now but if you missed it or it was too busy to attempt it then this is the time.  There is, of course, a picture of the prizes and each only costs 10Lds so make sure to check that out.

PS.  The dress is more white than cream.

Belle Epoque

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Done for the day! (10Ld Belle Epoque Hunt)

Hot Damn I almost missed the fact that Belle Epoque has a HUNT going on! I wouldn’t mind so much but I am in the Belle Epoque group but sadly so many notices so little time and things like this slip past me.  Fortunately plenty of time to hunt down these beauties.

You’re looking for little suns and they’re not very well hidden.  Each one costs 10Lds and because this is a paid for hunt there is a large poster at the entrance with the pictures and number you’re looking for. You have such a variety to choose from as well, shoes, dresses, accessories etc I deliberately chose 2 of the dresses which I knew I wouldn’t have much issue with the fit as I assumed, and I’m right, that you will only get the 1 fit and it’s probably a Maitreya.  This top dress actually fitted like a dream, I even didn’t haven’t any issues with the sheer panels.  It’s a full length dress as well with a hint of RP to it.

This dress did have more breakthrough at the back but nothing to cry about and as you can see from the front  a perfect fit but of course I now know there are more Maitreya wearers than there are SLink wearers.

I even treated myself to this bag which turns out to be only 2 prims! So it’s gone from being a lovely wearable to an even better decor item for me.

What got me over to the Belle Epoque shop in the first place wasn’t this hunt I just went to see if there was a new Group Gift, I don’t think there is but I know I’ve not shown you a couple of the more recent ones and since the Belle Epoque Group is only 10Lds to join check them out BUT make sure you keep 10Lds free to join the TeleportHub group.  I know we have a few new people checking out our blog and although they probably have already seen the amazing pink coat which is the TeleportHub/Belle Epoque gift some of you may not have seen it.  Again this is a Maitreya fit only but as expected as it’s a coat no fitting issues at all but this comes with “fake arms”.  You have to alpha out not just your arms but remove your mesh hands as this coat has been designed to look as though your hands are tucked into your pockets.  Sounds odd looks amazing.

Belle Epoque

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You’re getting sleeeeepy.(10Ld Mini hunt & Mention of Freebies).

First port of call when I logged back inworld was the D’Lory shop as there is a Mini hunt going on and I had spotted this sleep mask, I wonder if I stuck a sleep mask on my cat it would help him sleep through the night? It does come with a resizer menu.

Most of the 10 items are little Kawaii items like this, a cute pair of headphones, knitted hat etc and as usual with paid for hunts there is a big picture in the shop to show you what is on offer.  Also what you’re looking for is a pretty pink chocolate box which also works as a decor item.  So pretty and only 1 prim so that was a nice little extra.

Although the D’Lory group costs 50Lds there are group gifts and if you check behind the reception desk there are a whole load more gifts for various groups and I recognise a really decent Freebie which I have blogged not too long ago.

As I was wandering around I spotted a few “Oooo that’s interesting” outfits and I grabbed a couple of demos to try out.

PS.  You can’t see it but the sleep mask has a lovely fat bow behind it.