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Good Morning. (10Ld Gift, 10Ld Hunt & Mention of Freebies).

This post is a little bit of everything.

“The Annex” has a small hunt going on, pretty standard in that there is a picture board showing you the prize and although they’re not numbered when you find the blue boards you’re looking for it’s easy to see what prize is in them.

It took me a long time to find the 2 hunt items I wanted, I suspect they’re actually outside of the shop on the sim, it took me so long to find these 2 I forgot exactly where they were but I know for sure one of them was most definitely outside.

This top is really good, I may not keep it as I knew it didn’t come in my fav fit, only Freya, Maitreya and Hourglass.  The chinos are keepers.  They’re cropped at the shin and have a linen look to me and not only is the Maitreya a great fit both the shirt, pants and all the other hunt prizes are FATPACKS! So if I remember correctly you get 8 or 9 colours for the pants and 8 or 9 colours for the shirt

There are 2 free Group Gifts inside the shop and a lovely pink dress which is a TelelportHub Group Gift I know I have blogged them before and they’re well worth a reblog on their own but it’s always nicer to show you something fresh and new.

BTW let’s all ignore the blurred door, I’ve been up since before 6 am and I should have drunk more coffee before I logged into SL lol.

The Annex

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It cost me nothing! (10Ld Belle Epoque/TeleportHub Group Gift).

I suspected that this brand new gift from Belle Epoque wouldn’t fit me and I was right.

What a bloody shame as it has a lovely light windblown look to the skirt, wrinkled shorts sleeves etc the usual Belle Epoque quality. Since I was already in the TeleportHub Group it didn’t cost me anything but it will cost you 10Lds to join that group.

BTW it’s not a backless dress, it just the way the mesh dress looks without a body in it.

Belle Epoque

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I’m a WINNER! (Freebie Hunt & 10Ld Group Gift).

A nice quick post as I’ve had a lovely morning looking at RL snow and removing our sims snow landscape lol.

This wearable sword is a prize from the Cassie Lustre shop which has this out as a “The Princess Bride Hunt” prize.  I will admit that so far I’ve found nothing else in this hunt, not that I did many of the shops but after visiting 4 of them and this was all I found I decided to call it quits for now at least.

Although the sword does come with a hold pose this pose is one of mine.

The T-Shirt is a Group Gift from the Sass Shop, only 10Lds to join and there is another Group Gift in the cabinet next to the 2 lucky boards.  Also a couple of Lucky Boards.

I’m logging back inworld to continue on landscaping our sim and will leave the rest of the hunting to you.

Sword.(Cassie Lustre Main Shop)

Sass. (T-Shirt)

The Princess Bride Hunt. (Blog, LM’s & Hints)

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Barbie Pink. (10Ld TeleportHub Gift).

It’s a nope for me because although I don’t mind some shades of pink this “Barbie” pink is not my cup of tea and added to that not my SLink preferred size it’s straight into the “Trash” BUT got to love those ruffled edges and there is a hint of sheerness.

I won’t judge you if you live a Barbie girl life in SL and this outfit is right up your street then I’m happy.

Usual mesh fits and separates AND if it gets you to join the TeleportHub group to grab this goodie then it’s worth it.  Again it’s one of the groups I remain in as I’ve found some really nice stuff through this group.

You will find this in the “Enigma Apparel” shop and there are other gifts both free and cheap in the same area as this gift.

Enigma Apparel.

Blogging SL

A TPHG Gift.(10Ld Gift).

The “TPH” stands for TeleportHub Group, just as I was checking my groups to see if there was anything I was missing this notice came out from one of my fav groups for this gift.

You get this from the Pearl Fashion shop, I didn’t linger long to see if there was anything else in the shop because the notice had just gone out and people were standing on top of each other as they TPed in lol.

The TeleportHub group does cost 10Lds to join and I’ve always said it’s worth it.  I think you get 4 patterns and I know one of them was a more evening beach pattern of pastel stripes.  Those “patches” you see are actually part of the pattern and I think it gives it that little bit extra!

Pearls Fashion

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Paper Sparrows.(10Ld Gift).

A “KEEPER” both in my SLink P & SLink HG fit.

A damned good jacket.  I know I did a very similar one to this not too long ago and it may even have been a gift from the same shop but that one was a retro suede(?) texture while this one is a white and I can’t pinpoint the sort of RL texture it reminds me of but it’s just so good.  Lots of crinkles/wrinkles and shading to make this a shop quality item and for only 10Lds it’s a bargain.

Although this is a “Paper Sparrow” gift you have to go to the Hashtag event to get it and it’s the bag on the stall there.  I didn’t pick any of the other gifts, paid for, on the stalls as I couldn’t be sure of the sizes but I was happy to risk getting this gift as again I’ve had the similar design and as it turns out a lot of mesh fits.

When I was LM grabbing I spotted that the sizes are listed on the bottom of the gift bag so if it’s an issue for you then check the list.

I’ve put the link to the “Coco Designs” shop as I thought my jeans came from there and they did but for some reason, these “Boyfriend” jeans are not on the wall of freebies since there are free jeans among the excellent gifts on the wall I’ve tacked on the LM to the Coco Design shop.


Coco Designs

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Accessorise this.(10Ld & Free Advent).

This outfit screams for accessories, a set of pearls, a little pill box hat and of course a bag and I did try on some stuff with it but in the end, I couldn’t find just the right accessories, I did find a sh*t load of stuff that badly needs to be binned though.

The Advent Calendar at “AC” Applique Chic is free you don’t even need to join the group and this dress is NOT free but you can buy the old Advent gifts for just 10Lds and so I picked a number at random and I wasn’t disappointed at all.  A nice slightly old-fashioned dress and check out the MODESTY PANEL! That’s so sweet lol.

What got me to this shop was the Freebie they have out at the Redeux event which is a very nice sweater dress.  This dress, as well as today’s freebie, come in all the mesh fits so no matter what yours is you will find it.

PS.  I’ve been so busy I’ve forgotten about the 25Ld tue list and in this shop, there is a lovely Christmassy/retro dress on offer.

Applique Chic