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Green with envy. (Freebie).

It’s RAINING it’s dull and PISHING DOWN! A typical Summers day in the UK so allow me to tart up the picture of this freebie because I am suffering from SAD! (seasonal affective disorder).


Again because I’ve gone all out with the editing this isn’t the actual inworld colour but it really is a lovely green ombre colouring, my fav colour.  It comes from Kaithleens and I went over to check out her Discount shop where everything is just 50Lds and this and I believe there might also be another Group gift set out but I have blogged that one before, are to be found.

OK I’m going to check the weather forecast because you never know I might just be able to get my bathing cossie on and some time sun tanning in the back garden…LOL!!!

Kaithleen’s Mainshop (you can also get the GG from here)

Kaithleens Outlet shop

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Curves&Holy Moley!!!

MUTE again and this 10Ld offer is for some Kim kardashian curves or rather pants that give you those curves.


I wish I had remembered to put on a pair of shoes I’ve previously bought from Mute but never mind.  Booty hugging mesh pants with a metallic sheen to them. Once I finished taking this picture I just put on a sweater and these are such great basics that can be dressed up or down as you want.


Although my waist looks ridiculously tiny and these leggings/pants are meant to give you curves and even though my AV size is on the smaller size I think look great and not out of proportion and I’m going back for the black, white and the silver pair but many other colour options available.


Of course I had to put in a Booty shot LOL.

Mute is owned by Jᴀʏ Sʜᴀᴅᴏᴡs (jaysee.netizen) and when she shut her SL shop for various RL and SL issues she got so many messages off her supporters that she reopened a Discount Skybox and everything is priced at 10Lds.  So far I’ve grabbed everything apart from 1 dress.  Some great stuff and she puts out something new at least each week and usually more often.  You can join the group like I did, for free, to make sure that as soon as it’s out you can go and grab it

HOLY MOLY! I’ve just checked her Marketplace shop and she has put a total of 730 items priced between 0-10lds and 138 for between 11-110Lds the pricier items are the Fat Packs.  Don’t Panic when you see that the link takes you to a shop called Sugar and Cyanide it’s the same shop just different names.  I’m going to be stocking up on skater skirts, jumpers, SLink shoes and on and on.

Mute Discount Skybox

Mute Marketplace




WooooHoooo there’s a sale on at Waffle ! Its to celebrate the owners real life birthday..and everything is 10L, yes EVERYTHING !!! I do have to say thanks to Faeth for this tip off, and can categorically say she is now redeemed from my little black book *winks*. Sooo I popped over and snapped up a few seemed roood not too really..above Ive got the cute-as-a-button skirt & tee set on called “Too Hip to Hop* great prims no adjustment required…and all-around- pretty.. yours for 10L. (Like my Mary Jane shoes hmm? Hmm shall I tell you..I dunno yetttt )

Had to get the “Tribute” outfit…sooper ruanchy…leggings,spenders & a kini top…comes in racey red also…yours for 10L (ooo look there’s those mary janes again o.O)

Also nabbed a pair of the fine leggings on offer…you really can’t have enough leggings girls! Lovely design on them, I spied some snazzy animal print ones too! Sooooo ok…those Mary Janes huh? Arent they just slurpable…*laughs* ok ok ok…they are by Swan Ling of Argyle Anonymous…and they just totally ROCK my boat…they are in a special little sale at the moment for just 69L *gasp* (other colours available) You can get them here Oh My Stars – take a look around, there’s other gear there too !

The Waffle sale is only on for a couple of days…so grab your bags & cash and get over there before it ends (finishes 16th June)

Go grab the gear : Waffle!