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Spend with me.(Mention of Freebies).

I popped over to Well Made to grab the free stuff but ended up spending Lindens!


A 100Lds to be exact but worth every linden.  So what you get is the jeans, jumper, and shoes (sorry I didn’t spot the thing in the way but they’re good simple flatties) as separates.  What takes this up a notch is the colour Hud, 8 for the jumper, 8 for the jeans and 4 for the shoes.

I didn’t spot a demo but it’s probably there so you may find it.  To find this promo turn to your left just inside the shop and I don’t know how long this promo price goes on for so don’t delay.

In case there isn’t a demo let me just point out a couple of small things.  I’m wearing the SLink mesh bod fit and it don’t as I still had to use my Alpha hud to cover breakthroughs.  I would have preferred a finer knit texture and the shoe hud does’t change them that much.  I’m still 100% happy with this, though, although I’m just showing you the one colour all of them are so fresh and springy you really do stand out from the crowd in these colours and for what you get 100Lds is a super bargain.

The list of the fits, ie Maiteya, Slink is on the board so have a good look first but from what I remember there is a fit for all.

If you’re after FREEBIES then a bit further in the shop is a selection of them 1 for the free to join Wellmade group of a Kawaii jumper/skirt combo and the rest for different but free groups ie SL frees and offers.  I did a quick cam upstairs and there is a couple of LB and 3 camping chairs.  Faith and I remember a time when places used to be packed with these camping chairs so it was a bit like a blast from the past but I did actually notice an outfit in one of the chairs which if you had the 45mins to camp would be well worth it.