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Spring Summer Collection The Fiddlers Workshop – Oo BAGS!

TFW - Spring Summer Collection Handbags NEW!

Remember that handbag that TFW made as an exclusive for a hunt? Welllllll after much conversation and discussion – Player decided to make a whole range of them. Gorgeous colours just perfect for now and going through to the summer. Listen to the colour names: Ballet Slipper, Raisin, Cookie, Pebble, Airforce, Pistachio, Mustard, Frost and Apple – nine in total. Each has a high priority animation so it wont flap about as you walk. Player made the Hud himself for the fat pack. (He wants everything to be 100% made by him – I love that <3)

TFW Fat Pack handbag

Sold as single colours, or as a fat pack, the demo is ready for you to try at the NEW store! Yes TFW has moved , apologies for the mess but its all still very much new. You might want to take a wander around the new shopping area, its called Sunnydale Village – lovely mix of all your favourite stores, sky home rentals (more about that later) there will be events, hunts and sales etc happening also.

The Fiddlers Workshop – as always 100% Original Mesh

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Its Not Flat – its Unflat (Free item inc.)

Unflat free sideboard, lamp 30L, jug roses 30L, radio 49L

One of the may gifts I collected from Cosmopolitan yesterday was this stunning sideboard from Unflat its only 1Li and gosh it will be easy to find a spot for it in my SL home. Now you may not have heard of this store, but both Zan and I have blogged items from it in the past. Zan stumbled across it a year or so ago and tp’d me straight there – its our kinda place! Great prices and awesomely low land impact. Anywayyyy the sideboard is the gift and its just 1Li, perfect for a hallway, lounge etc. I bought the lamp at the event for just 30L , its also 1Li. The radio is at the main store and was 49L and 1Li.

Unflat Parmigiano jar set 99L, distressed table 25L, bread board 49L

So yeah I also had to go to the main store because – there might be new pretties I didn’t have! I bought this vintage table for 25L – 1 Li, I knew id would be so useful when taking photos plussss at Christmas time I love to fill tables with edible yummies. The loaf of bread, board & knife was only 49L and 1Li, that’s being used in my Linden caravan. My personal fav is the parmesan and pasta jars, they come linked and 2Li but can be separated, cost 99L. There is SO much to look at and you seriously wont go home empty handed.

Cosmopolitan event


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Easter Freebies & Gifts To Give

Free fatpack Bunny Outfit - TFW trans Easter Eggs

Happy Hoppy Easter Loves! If you’re looking for something to hop around SL in today to get into the mood – try this superb Bunny Outfit from Seniha . You get a fat pack of colours and fits for: Sizes: Maitreya, Freya, Isis,Hourglass,Legacy & Perky. Don’t forget to collect your exclusive Easter Eggs from The Fiddlers Workshop! 50L for the transferable & copy boxed egg (you get one to keep, one to give) and just 25L for the unboxed copiable egg – both found at the main store.(Hit up the hint giver to find them , its on the wall and prettttty easy to find them! Both versions are only 3Li))

FREE Bunny Outfit fatpack

I’ve blogged this bunny girl outfit before and I’ll keep on blogging it ! Such a great outfit and some delish colours!

Happy Shopping ❤

Seniha Bunny Outfit

The Fiddlers Workshop for Eggs

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Bunny Kisses & Easter Wishes Hunt

The Fiddlers Workshop Exclusive items Bunny Kisses &amp; Easter Wishes Hunt

I feel a bit like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland – I’m late I’m late! I’ve finally got time to share with you allll the items from The Fiddlers Workshop for the Bunny Kisses & Easter Wishes hunt from Cheeky Monkey.

TFW 1L CJ Creations Freebie Easter Scene

As is usual this hunt has three items from TFW. Above is the sweetest Easter basket, just 2Li, full of yummy treats and a big chocolate egg. The hint is ” Faith needs all these shelves for her shoes”. This item is just 1L. The little Easter scene with bunny, grass, chicks and doggy is a free group gift from CJ designs, you get all the components separate and also linked – 8Li.

TFW $25L Exclusive Easter wishes &amp; bunny kisses hunt

The gorgeous chocolate egg with beautiful piping is the 25L exclusive item. Hint is “No flowers in this vase” this is copiable for you to scatter around and make everything a lot more pretty for Easter! 3Li only.

TFW $50L exclusive

Above is the boxed version of the decorated Easter egg, also 3Li. The very cool thing is that you not only get a copiable one for yourself but you also get a trans version to gift to someone special – I LOVE that! Imagine how sweet to be able to give this for Easter to your friend or special person. This exclusive is just 50L. The hint for this is “somewhere for the kitty to sleep in style”.

Happy Hunting ❤

The Fiddlers Workshop

CJ Creations

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One for Me, One For You – Love is All You Need Hunt

The Fiddlers Workshop Hunt gifts

Tomorrow the latest hunt from Cheeky Monkey begins, The Love is All round! The best news is that The Fiddlers Workshop is participating and wow some fantastic prizes. Above are two of the prizes. The frame is the $1L gift , this is no ordinary frame! Its brilliantly scripted with loads of functions such as transition effects, slide show, you can add a whole heap of photos to it. This adorable frame has the cutest details to both sides and is just 1Li, you can get a copiable one to keep PLUS a transfer version to give as a gift – portrait and landscape sizes included.

Cheek Monkey Hunt TFW Hold &amp; rez roses &amp; chocolates $50L trans &amp; copiable !

The $50L hunt prize is this superb heart shaped box of strawberries & roses. You can wear it or rez it – if you rez it on the ground a little bit of magic happens – it automatically moves into a flat position – ideal for lounging and chomping the chocs. Anyone can also take a chocolate to wear with a lovely animation built right in. You get a copiable one for yourself PLUS a transfer version to give as a gift – perfect ❤ Rezzed it is only 3Li.

The Fiddlers Workshop Hunt Prize

This gorgeous wrapped bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries is the $25L prize. I adore this ! Sweet juicy strawberries covered with the finest chocolate all wrapped in a heart embossed cellophane paper, with a satin red bow to complete. This is animated to wear and also you can rez it – only 2Li , plus of course you get one for yourself PLUS one to give as a gift – its a real winner for Valentines day, or any day!

Look for the hunt board and click on the red heart for the clues, you’re also looking for a little red heart hunt object. Don’t forget one of the prizes is on the upper floor, there is a big teleporter button on the ground floor to get you up there.

Happy Hunting (starts on the 4th February)

The Fiddlers Workshop

Cheeky Monkey Hunts for all participants, hints & photos.

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Packing Up – Need Shelves!

TFW Pipe Shelves various sizes fatpack $50L

Thinking of changing my home againnnn and I needed shelving for my new place. Look no further than The Fiddlers Workshop. They have released a fat pack of “pipe style” shelves for just $50L ! Stylish & modern but would fit in most homes.

TFW Pipe shelves pack $50L

You’ll receive a whole bunch of shelf styles in the pack and its all thankfully really low prim (2-4 per piece)

TFW Pipe Shelves various sizes $50L

This is all 100% original mesh made by TFW , no templates, and hand made textures also. Love the graininess on the metal of the pipes.


Set of 8 modern and detailed mod shelves made out of pipes for general use, that take either 2 or 4 prims, depending on the kind.

The pipes are textured with shiny metal and threads at the ends, while the joints have a grainy metal paint. The shelves are made in wood.

What you get with this package:
– 2 x shelves on 3 levels that are attach both to the wall and to the ground (2 prims for the single sided one, 4 for the double sided one)
– 2 x shelves on 3 levels that hang from the ceiling and attach to the wall (2 prims for the single sided one, 4 for the double sided one)
– 2 x shelves on 3 levels that attach to the wall on both upper and lower hookings (2 prims for both the single and the double sided kinds)
– 2 x shelves on 1 level that attach to the wall (2 prims for both the single and the double sided kinds).

Pipe shelves Market Place

Pipe shelves Inworld Store ( don’t forget to collect your free vase while you’re there)


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Toad stool time

Chez Moi NEW! Toad stool set @ Lost & Found

A new round of Lost & Found has begun and Chez Moi have this sweet toad stool set up for grabs. Its got some pretty unique poses in it for couples, singles, friends & family! Very low prim, each toadstool has animations for such things as reading, lounging, drinking etc. Heres the deets:

♥ Texture-change options: the table comes with 3 colour options (red, green and yellow), just tap it to display the menu.

♥ Also, sit on the table and enjoy 22 animations for couple in love

Each stool comes with 48 animations and you can put as many as you want:

♥ 28 single poses (female and male)

♥ 20 couple poses

♥ 3 options of colors separately (red, green and yellow)

♥ Table: 2 LI

♥ Stool: 2 LI (each)

100% ORIGINAL MESH – For more info: Chez Moi blog here

Thanks Nanda ❤

Lost & Found

All clothing by Neve