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Turn around.(Dollarbie).

Just a quickie because RL is screaming.

A pretty and simple little summery dress which comes with a nice little colour hud.  Although I know the inworld shop pretty well this, as far as I can tell from the notice, is just a Marketplace offer for a single Ld.  So I snagged, ran, pose and voila.

Once I get back inworld I’m heading off to the M&M shop as it has been yonks since I was last there and from my memory it has a lot of GGs and cheapos and a massive wall of lucky boards (will admit they are rather dated wins though) but it will be nice to see whats new and whats not.

M&M (Marketplace)

M&M (Inworld, I think)

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Shame (Freebie).

The only shame in this freebie is that it doesn’t come as separates because the skirt and top as a combo look great but I can just see that skirt being worn with so many things I have in my invent.  I managed to get some time in SL today and I had grabbed a load of goodies and then slowly but surely as I tried them on I binned them!  So I decided to use what little time I had left doing some of the Bitter Sweet Hunt which I do believe is brand new.  I think you have to pay a Linden for the prize but I’m not even sure what it is you’re looking for because I got so distracted by the Group Gift Hippo Board at the back of the shop I actually forgot about the hunt LOL.  I will pop the link at the end for you to see the LMs and hints and although you don’t get to see any pictures lots of good shops are involved.


So sorry on the lack of posting off me but RL is so busy I’ve barely managed to grab time to myself let alone SLing but I’m hoping normal service will resume as soon as poss.


La Moyet Design

Bitter Sweet Hunt LMs & Hints

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Spiky sexy heels

Almost the best 3 words you can say to me,  but if you added the 4th which is 1 LINDEN then it sounds even better.  This pair, which are only on offer for a limited time, are available from the marketplace.  The ribbons on this pair are 2 different colours but I believe if you buy a pair for the full price you get a hud to change the ribbon colours.

West Coast Influenced