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Goodbye Old Friend. (Just insane rambling).

Since my RL gym membership has been put on hold I did what the rich and famous do and bought my “perfect” body with the money saved on my RL gym membership lol.

This is the Legacy “Perky” body, and as soon as I saw it, tried it, I wanted it and now I own it.  Not cheap at 5000Lds but that’s less than 1 months RL gym sub lol. If you already own a Legacy Body then you will see that you can get this shape for only 2500Lds.

As someone who has always wanted a smaller perky boob shape, I absolutely LOVE this and of course, there are more and more Legacy offers out there but now for the “Nooo” moment.

Sadly it turns out that my beloved Pumec skin called Agatha is not a good fit.  I did buy the Legacy Hud from Pumec so I could blend my Agatha skin to my body but nope the dreaded neckline is just too bad and yes I did try both of the neck blenders in the Legacy and Pumec hud and it actually made it worse.

Sadly since I couldn’t find my Agatha skin in the Pumec shop, because if the skin had been updated I would have bought it again as I love it that much, but it’s gone so it looks like poor “Aggie” is now on a dusty SL shelf never to be seen again.

Pumec prices I’ve always thought were and still are more than reasonable and I’m wearing a demo skin from Pumec so I could check that the neck and body line is seamless and although those thin demo lines are distracting from what I can see they do blend either perfectly or pretty good, again it’s hard to tell with the demo lines.

It’s the lips, I’ve always struggled with finding lips I like, I’m just not a fan of the fat pout that is so common.  In this case I’ve layered some of my fav Alaskametro make up on and it fits perfectly so I know that if I don’t find a new skin with thinner lips then at least I can return to Pumec and this will be the new me.

BTW, The gap on my pants, a lot of my clothes are just for SLink fits but I do keep some Maitreya clothing that fits decently enough such as with these pants. I just live with them, no one is perfect in RL and it seems to be the case in SL so I have just learned to live and love those little gaps in clothing.

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A dancing fool.(Freebie ‘n’ Hunt).

Total randomness.

The Harshlands shop/sim has a hunt going on, so far I’ve won some very realistic horns and an AV which I’ve not tried out. As I was searching for the sim for the 13 hidden pumpkins I found this Group Gift.

This little chap is dancing away and since it’s the new Annimesh then to appreciate it you will need the newer viewer.

I don’t think I can give you the LM to where the group gift is but it’s in a little area in a corner of the sim and since there are only 4 corners to each sim you should find it and of course, keep an eye out for the pumpkins.

UPDATE: I spotted at the LM that there is a stone you can click for a Group Gift which in that case is a rather good Summer tree.


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Part 1.(10Ld TeleportHub Gift).

Just a quick as I want to return to the “The Best Point” event but I just wanted to do a quick post on this freebie which I found here.

Green is my fav colour, this comes in my fit and has a retro 70ties vibe to it.  Nice detailing in the lace front, not sheer so no boobie flashing, and the tie at the back of the halter neck.  Even my hair is a flashback as it’s a Truth hair but because it’s so old it’s probably not even for sale anymore lol.

Again the TeleportHub Group costs only 10Lds and its one that I’ve been in for a long time now as it’s pretty handy not just for Group Gifts for TeleportHub members but keeping you updated on other freebies/discounts/special offers etc so join to grab this but stick around for the other offers.

The Best Point(The LM does take you right to it).

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Freebies, boring title non boring freebies. (UPDATED).


Thanks to one of our readers I now know that PumeC is no longer a Free to Join group and the membership is now 99Lds.  I get so many notes and notices this one must have gone right past me.  TBH this is a mere token as Sly Puma not only has 4 skins out but these skins come with ALL the Appliers in them so you get your moneys worth when joining plus she also changes the Group Gifts so it’s one to stick with.

This was the first skin I ever got off PumeC and sad to say this Freebie has now gone but this was the skin that got me addicted to PumeC skins.  She’s called Vlada and those dark smokey eyes are to die for.  Although this skin is now gone Sly Puma (otyebis) always has free skins on offer and as I always say she doesn’t stint on the appliers.  In fact now I’m LM grabbing she had a total of 4 Free skins out and I’ve blogged them all.  Even the Freebies come with all the appliers that were available at the time but WOW she’s now not only gone and added all of the brand new Appliers out there such as Banned Booty, KL Lena Body etc but also Maitreya which is rapidly becoming very popular in SL  So generous and all you need to do is join the Free group to gab all of the freebies and the Applier updater.  However since Sly like a lot of us would also like to make a few Lindens make sure to check out her full priced range.  Taking into account not only the quality of the basic skins but they’re packed with appliers the most expensive skin is just 699 but lots are priced at 399 and if you want to take a chance then for a 100Lds you can try the Gacha and even the Gacha skins come with the full applier packs!

If you like to buy the Lippies and eyes that will match your skin/shape then PumeC also does a range of them as well.

OK nuff about PumeC and check out the top.  You actually get 3 or4 in the pack this one which is white/black an all black one and an all white one and I believe another black and white version.


This is the other top but DOH! I’ve just realised that this top also comes with a wide belt which I’ve forgotten to put on LOL.  You will have to join the LpD group but thats FREE to join and so of course is the PumeC shop.

My SL time ran out which was a bit frustrating as I really wanted to show you the hat which is another LpD freebie.  This one comes unboxed so when this oversized hat rezzed on my head it was a case of “wtf!” and then I clicked on it and resized it to a much more normal size and it’s delightful.  A wide brimmed floppy hat with a big bow at the back and a couple of wheat stalks sticking out.  The description doesn’t do this hat justice as it’s really lovely and I’m keeping it not only to wear but at 6prims this hat will make a wonderful decor item.

I’ve put the link to LpD’s Flickr so you can see the wonderful dreamy clothes avaiabl to those lucky people who haven’t just had to pay a SL tier fee and a RL repair fee LOL.

PS the Group Gifts are outside of the main shop. If the TP doesn’t take you straight there walk up the stairs to the front of the shop but don’t go inside, walk to your left in front of the window, honestly when you get there you will see clearly what I mean but if you need help then please don’t hesitate to drop me a note or IM me, but only if you see me inworld, and I’ll be happy to show you.

LpD “Les Petits Details”

LpD Flickr

LpD Marketplace


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Allow me.

Allow me to have fun with my pictures because not only are these amazing PumeC skins butthey’re also FREEEEEE! PumeC skins and although they don’t need to have any photoshopping to make them look good I like to have fun with my photos sometime.


Even if you’ve grabbed the PumeC freebies recently you won’t have “Anna” as she is a brand new Freebie from Sly Pumec’s shop PumeC.  TBH I wasn’t going to do this skin because I simply cannot do the darker, richer coloured skins justice and THEN I spotted this outrageous outfit from the latest round of Collab8 and then dug out a hair that I knew would look Brill and I LOVE this whole look and yes I’ve tucked it all into a folder on its own.


I would have sworn I’ve blogged this PumeC skin before but I mustn’t have because I would have remembered it not because of the dark almost black lipstick but if you look closely you can see she has a subtle scar which goes up over her eye and onto the brow.

PS for this skin the picture editing has made her much darker than she really is, she’s a nice creamy pale colour with the dramatic lips and light scar.

But with this last skin I’ve only used my Nams setting to keep it sweet and simple.

last skin

I’m so rushed for time in RL and SL that I can’t go into as much details about them but the last 2 skins only contain a single skin/brow option and Anna has all the brow options but what ALL of them have is the amazing FULLY PACKED Applier Hud with all of the most well known AV addons such as SLink hands, feet, body, Lola Tangoes, Baby bump and now eveand even more now that they are new AV addons.

Back to RL but I’ve been itching all day to get these posted because I just love them and I’m so glad to have some Free PumeC skins to show off.

PS although I noticed that they also come with a free shape I’m wearing my own so you won’t look like me.


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I’ve had a new skin from PumeC for a while but I just filed it away as you sometimes do and then as I was meandering around the Lubbly Jubblies Birthday Event it suddenly dawned on me that this was the perfect time to not only try out my new PumeC skin but also a couple of the Appliers I’ve not really used to their full effect.


Firstly the skin is called Sonya and I was a little bit surprised because she comes with a bit of make up, a cat’s eye flick, and usually PumeC skins are like a blank canvas, perfect on their own and perfect for whatever layer of make up you wish to use.  Actually the big pack of skin/brow/cleavage layers usually also come with a complimentary lippie or two as well.

Because I had been trying on all those Booby type tops from the Lubbly Jubblie Birthday event I popped on my Lola Tangoes (you can’t see em cos this is PG blog) and then I decided to try out wearing not only my usual SLink hands and feet but also my SLink Physique body so basically from the neck down I’m ALL Applier and because all you need is the single PumeC Hud to colour your skin and Appliers which makes it so quick and so user-friendly!

I won’t relist everything that comes in the hud but I’ve done many posts about PumeC skins and you can see the list in full or of course you can always pop over to the shop and grab some demos and unbelievably not only are there Free group gift but usually these gifts also come with the complete Appliers as standard  If you’re feeling a bit lucky as well there are some Gachas for a skin but also eyes and Lippies.

I must remember to either grab one of the Free skins soon to show you but I do know that one of the old free skins is one of the BEST I have ever owned.


As I mentioned I had been wandering around the Lubbly Jubbily Birthday event and I picked up ooodles and oodles of FREEBIES for Applier lovers, mainly of the booby sort and then this morning when I logged in after having some computer problems everything has vanished, everything that is apart from the shoes which I was wearing at the time.

For these shoes you will need the SLink high foot.  Since I did manage to try most things on before they disappeared I can give you a rough list of the gifts, tops, shoes, poses, make up, jumpers so basically a bit of everything.  I think my folder contained a total of 26 items and some of them were fat packs as well so it’s really 26+items.  Even if you’re not a booby fan don’t let that put you off as a lot of clothes will fit both the boob and boobless.  Plus I remember that there was at least 2 pairs of leggings which are perfect for this time of year and were also for Applier and non Applier users and I’m going to be popping back to grab them.

I struggled to get a good picture of the shoes so I rezzed my reliable pose cube and then zooooomed in as close as I could I even cropped the picture a bit and then it struck me, this photo was taken in my Nams setting and without any photo editing and look at that PumeC colour blending.  This is an unforgivable close up and yet it’s so good!

Lubbly Jubblies

PumeC Skins

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Holding up.

It won’t  surprise a lot people that I am now a confirmed SLink Body lover.  One of the main perks is that as someone who takes pictures all the time there is much less of that “crunching” of joints when taking pictures.  That doesn’t mean the SLink Body doesn’t come with issues, mainly not being able to wear your non mesh clothes and tattoos layers and also not being able to wear a lot of skins that don’t come with the applier but having said that I LOVE my SLink body but then I also LOVE my new Anna Shapes.


Small pert boobies, tapered in waist and a curvy booty.  Curved enough for booty lovers but not overly exaggerated to cartoonish size.  This one doesn’t come Mod but I’ve found in the past that most of the special offer shapes do however I have never had to alter an Anna’s Shape because the proportions are so good.  Check out her Marketplace shop as she keeps a small selection of her old Designer Circle offerings there and of course lots of full shape packs which of course are copy and mod just non trans.  This shape, Paula, can only at this moment be found at the latest round of The Designer Circle event.  Worth a wander around as this shop has lots of discounted items from poses to clothes, skins to shoes.  “Paula” is on the back wall and is easy to find but when you land you will land outside of another shop so you have to turn left and walk to the next shop along.Since Analy doesn’t do skins but if you love the image she also includes a styling card so you can get the exact look or as in my case just use what you already have which in this case is my brill skin from PumeC.


This skin is an actual Gacha skin and cost only 100Ld a try.  Even her Gacha skins come with a fully loaded Applier Hud and even in this case the Applier for an SLink Body thats so unbelievable generous.  As it happens once you’ve grabbed the amazing free skins she has out at 500Lds for her skins her prices are extremely reasonable.  If it wasn’t for the fact I can’t decide which skins I love the best and I can’t afford the whole lot I would wear nothing but PumeC skins.

Special Mention to Sly Pumas Sim, she has created a wonderful sim not only to house her skin shop but also a small shape shop, never tried one of her shapes.  Landscaped to perfection with oodles of places to sit and chat, horses, docks, water, boats and on and on you could spend a life time here.  Have to confess I took a load of pictures of this place last week but I’ve mislaid them but that does give me the excuse to come back here to take more.  As I always say when someone has spent time, imagination and a shed load of money creating something beautiful and then they allow others to share then they should be thanked or at least buy something off them lol.

The Designer Circle (when you rezz it will be outside of Mu Shi Doll turn to your left and walk that way the Discount shop is next door).

Anna Shape Marketplace for all the DEMOS

Anna Shapes Marketplace

PumeC Skins