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Artman Designs, Inworldz

Greetings! Drivin Sideways here, your Pure Eggs ‘N Spam foreign correspondent.


It is time to spill my secret. I can no longer keep quiet. Friends, all of you … Second Life … you’re not my only grid. There are other grids in my life. I’m not ashamed, I am proud! Of course this doesn’t mean I don’t love you – what we have is dear to my heart. But I love the other places too, and there is plenty of love in this big ol’ avatar for all of you.

I’ve been enjoying citizenship on multiple grids, and my favorite of them is Inworldz. Today I’d like to introduce you to a few handsome items that designer Artman Xue is graciously giving away at Artman Designs’ keystone location in the region Vulcan.

First we have the Khaki slacks in white, Simplicity blue stripe shirt, and “Black Converse” shoes, all free in the Menswear department upstairs.
DS @ Artman Designs 1

While you are there I recommend that you say “Hi” to Artman himself if he is around. You won’t find a more personable or helpful designer on any grid.

Next is my favorite: The Renegade Leather jacket, also free, shown here with The Xue Edition Double-belted Pant in black (not free). The Renegade has crisp photo-sourced textures and includes a leather jacket, goldenrod button-up shirt and white tee all on the jacket layer. You’ll find this in the Artman Gift Box by each door upstairs. Damn, WHY do my eyes always seem to close for the flash??

DS @ Artman Designs 2

Artman Designs is two full floors of clothing & shoes for men and women. Clothing layers are Mod/Copy/No Xfer and the free shoes are Copy only. You can see these items and the entire Artman Designs’ line in Inworldz @ Vulcan 77, 105, 32

Happy exploring! – Drivin


… where’d ya get those SNEAKERS??

If you’ve never tried any of the DD&D hunts, you should. They host at least one grid-wide hunt every month and some times 2 or 3 of them simultaneously! I did the DD&D Coffee Hunt (4.1 – 5.1) and scored a free pair of sneaks from Jeepers Creepers.

Eponymous Trenchmouth is the owner and master cobbler for this most revered of SL shoe stores and thus by extension, master cobbler of men’s footwear to the entire grid. The venerable Mr. Trenchmouth isn’t one of those creators who participates in just ANY hunt – he chooses discreetly, just as he does with the quality that goes into his shoes.

I’ve raved about J.C. shoes here before – and theres no way to beat getting the best for FREE! This time the gift is his “Vader” shoe, which is JCS’ trademark-safe name for a familiar classic basketball shoe style I’m sure you recognize. The Master Cobbler’s usual attention to detail abounds.

To score these for yourself, go to Jeepers Creepers before the end of the month and look for a flat prim with the image of a cup of coffee on it. This time the hunt item is rather small, but its not hard to find. The official hint mentions the word “Ranger”. While you are there, don’t be in a hurry – browse some of the finest shoes in SL. The prices may surprise you, in a good way.

Every package also contains general info about DD&D’s great hunts, so you can join in.


A challenge – Get the MAXIMUM!

I know a way for you to get maximum positive results for a very, very small amount of effort and I challenge you …

… to try this. Do it the very next time you get a hunt gift, group gift, or any kinda quality gift straight from the item’s creator.

Want to GET THE MAXIMUM good out of minimum effort? *puts on wise old teacher voice* Read on, young hunthopper. *hurts throat, stops doing bad impersonations*

Want to GET THE MAXIMUM good out of minimum effort? … then say “Thank you”.

Today one of my alts was hunting in a very famous SL shoe store. My mini-map showed an avatar in the sky over the store, and Phoenix told me it was the owner. Did you know that in Phoenix you can hover your cursor over any avi on the minimap to get their name and profile? I shot him an IM saying “Hi! I’m doing the Coffee Hunt. Thank you for the hunt gift!”

He replied that I was the very first person ever to thank him for a hunt gift. After giving away literally thousands of items from his product line, not one person had thanked him until today. 😦

So therein lies my challenge. I’m not asking you to spend a lot of effort. When you “buy” a FREEBIE(!) the dialog box tells you who it came from. Is that person standing there? Check your Av radar or just spin around and read the doggone names hovering over peoples heads! Thats not much work. If you want to go one tiny step farther, identify dots on the minimap as well.

If you find the person who was nice enough to GIVE you the fruits of their labor, thank them with a short friendly note – even if the avatar is marked “away”. Say it in IM or say it in open chat, no matter – just say it! No need to wait around for an answer, creators are often busy in a thousand other ways and not watching chat. Thats ok, they’ll read it eventually. Whether or not they get the chance to reply, you can know that you have improved the world in that moment. You’ve improved someone’s day and someone’s life, and that has ripple effects which cannot be measured. It gets you the MAXIMUM good for minimum effort.

Are you up to the challenge? Try it next time. Hell, it just may feel good! It may even feel good enough to do more than once.


Ruby has your realism.

Realism. Many of us claim to value it, but do our avatars look like the person in the mirror? I worked on my shape for a long time so that he looks just like me!

Yah, right.

Well, my FACE … sorta. Friends say the avatar looks like me, but I know they are being kind. 🙂 The guy here at the keyboard has more squooshy around the middle than Mr. Sideways, and a little more “experience” in his face, too. I’d bet a whole month’s stipend that most of us have a similar confession if pressed.

SL is over-run with perfect 20-something, tan, flawless Barbie-women and Comic-book-hero men. One major skin & shape merchant harps on “realism” in huge letters on thier sign. They sell some breath-taking male avatars but they’re all towering, hulking Conan-The-Barbarian he-man shapes covered with gallons of sweat and pores the size of Pennsylvania Turnpike potholes.

Of course escapism is FUN! It’s cool to be a kitty or a dragon or an alien or just more gorgeous than you can ever be at home, but today I want to talk about REAL looking avatars.

I’ve found a small shop featuring avatars designed with an emphasis on blatantly, beautifully REAL shapes & skins for both men and women. Here you can find BBWs, short guys with football-like shapes, women with modest breasts & bottoms, and thin fellas who never lift weights and look old enough to offer some wise advice.

It is owned by Carmella Ruby, and the shop is called RUBY Skins .

I saw plenty of honest avatar packages with a shape and multiple skin options priced from L$450 to L$800 , and best of all she offers 4 avatars FREE on the upstairs floor. Here I’ll show you the two free male avatars that Carmella has generously offered to all visitors.

Adam is 6’7″ tall and comes with no-mod shape & skin as well as his eyebrow shaper.

Adam doesnt go to the gym much, but his sympathetic face makes him well-loved among his friends and a few very special ladies who wouldn’t trade him for all the beefcake in Waterhead. His skin is young, healthy, and undamaged but he does have a blemish here and there. Demos of several other RUBY male skins come in the package with Adam.


The other free male avatar, Benjamin, may well be the best Afro-male avatar I have ever seen.

He is not some bad attitude gangstaa or an overmuscled NFL brat child, just a real honest guy-next-door. In my mind it is easy to imagine Benjamin hittin’ the books a local college, working in the cubicle next to mine, or attentively carrying his small daughter in the store. Benjamin is slender , measures 7’0″ and features a moderate amount of short curly chest hair. Benjamin comes with no-mod skin, shape, eyebrow shaper and tattoo-layer hair base.

Either of these skins would be quite useful on a variety of shapes, their photorealistic detail is better than conveyed in these images. Beside each of them is an accompanying female avatar as well.

If you get in the mood for something besides Barbies and Beefboys, go check out RUBY Skins .


A fun gift from Torley.

We typically bring you a lot of wearables here at Pure Eggs & Spam, but today I have a change of pace. I found an interesting little place a few days ago, and I found it in a way most unique to SL *chuckle*

I recently had an(other) SL car crash. If you drive SL roads you know this isn’t unusual. Unlike in meatspace, though, a car crash in SL is often an opportunity for fun. I’ve found some pretty interesting places by exploring on foot after my car crashed at some unfamiliar region crossing, and that is how I found Montara Park.

Here beside the road in Montara region the Lindens have reserved a small scenic area on the water for a public park. There is not a lot to do there but you’ll find a placid setting, a small sandbox, a public Connect Four game, and a gift from Torley:

There are 2 different follow cam attachments in the package, one of which is multi-function. When you wear the invisiprim and then click on your back a script takes over your camera and pops up a blue options menu. A few of the options have little practical use, like “spaz cam” where your cam jumps all over the area for 5 seconds then automatically returns to the default position. “Spin cam” works similarly. I cant imagine using them often, but they may have potential for machinema or just a little goofy fun. If you like to log in stoned, they may be LOTS of fun. 🙂

The most useful choice, though, is called “driving cam”. Driving Cam is just the ticket if you’re using a vehicle or pose that leaves your cam in a wierd place. I’ve paid good LBucks for a great-looking cars and motorcycles that turned out to be unusable because they jammed my view into some frustrating place, like behind the bumper. With this attachment I won’t have that problem any more.

Driving Cam puts your camera up and behind you a bit farther than the standard camera perspective, and then as you move the camera follows you very smoothly, and with a little bit of “soft” time delay. For example, if you turn sharply your camera will follow on a smaller arc than your avi – it is almost as if you’re pulling the camera behind you on a stretchy rope.

Go check it out, it can’t hurt! 🙂 It’s free, in a nice place, and full-perm so you can not only pass them to all your friends and alts, but you can open them up and fiddle with the innards too if you like.

from the road – – Drivin