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I wonder. (15Ld Group Gift).

The hair is the 15Ld Group Gift, ignore the outfit.

I’m about 70% sure I actually paid full price for this hair from Kuni and now its one of their Group Gifts which is why it will only cost you 15Lds as that’s the joining fee.

I think you can see why I needed this style of hair as it goes so well with this and a couple of other outfits I own, not free and so you probably won’t ever see them lol. You also get a style hud and in this case I always wear it with the pony tail hanging down the back.

The Group Gifts don’t come with demo’s but for that price I ain’t mad. There are three women’s hairs and a one male hair.

There is also a big wall of discounted hairs, only 75Lds, and yes they do come with demos which is really good as I spotted another one with braids and a new(ish) fine strand design but it didn’t work on me. Those discounted items are to your left when looking at the Group Gifts but there are more discounted hair on another wall and this is the “Pay Attention” part as with those hairs the style hud is a separate purchases. Each only 75Lds and if you like the style the hair comes in then you don’t need to buy the style hud or at that price its still a bargain.


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