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I went shopping. (Spendy & Freebie).

The spendy is the hair the free is the outfit.

The hairs I’ve worn in my past couple of posts is from the WingsDG shop and this hair is their 60Ld Happy Weekend offer.

I bought the “Gold” palette only for this one colour as it’s so nice. If I could be a “ginger minger” in RL this is the shade I’d go for. Not that there is anything wrong with the other shades lol.

You also get a nice hud of colours and a style pack…anyhow you will of course try out the demo first so you will see all of this for yourself and a bargain at only 60Lds.

Ignore the bag as for once I accessorised and no I won’t be making a habit of it lol.

This outfit is the one I only mentioned as an “update” to a recent post, the link is at the end. Although on the surface it’s a simple outfit the quality texturing and colour hud make it a very easy-to-wear outfit. The bonus is of course being able to team it up with other items out of your invent and that’s why I’ve added it as a “Keeper” to my invent.


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