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Look Up! (Freebie(ss)).

It took a while for me to realise the Group Gifts in the Ben Boutique shop are pretty high up on the wall behind the reception desk.

This is a lovely two pieces and both parts come with a big hud of colours and patterns.

It is a good idea to make them a bit harder to find as it does make people look around the shop a bit more and yeah even I found a couple of outfits I’d spend my Lindens on but because I’m cheap I didn’t buy them.

BTW This is actually a “Lara Augusta Carnelian” Group Gift…free of course.

PS. If you’re wondering it’s not the same hair as my last post, both of them come from the Wings shop. This one actually comes with a flower attachment, which I don’t think works which just goes to prove that nothing is perfect lol.

Bens Boutique.