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Be a Queenz. (Freebie(sss)).

New? I’m not 100% sure but what I do know is that it’s been a while since I’ve visited the Queenz shop these gifts are just an example of what is there as there is a whole wall of gifts both old and new.

I do tend to stick to the pink/beige shades out of huds only because they do seem to appeal to more people plus they photo better but you do have a nice choice of shades.

The few gifts I bothered to pick up are so good I even changed into the right shoes, often when you see only my top half I’m still wearing whatever boot I was wearing to make it easier to change back into basic jeans and top to hunt for the next freebie.

The Queenz shop does cater for the curvier shapes and if these sorts of shops had been around when I first started SLing, including the more natural curvy bodies, I’d have been as plump in SL as I am in RL lol.

Not all of the gifts are gowns, a whole wall of a really good mix of quality items

UPDATE: Not going to lie but now I’m unpacking the rest of the gifts from Queenz if I had unpacked the “Aut” skirt and sweater I’d have blogged that as it’s such a cute little two-piece and very wearable.


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