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Time to log off and touch the grass. (Small freebie).

WTF! Where has my house gone!

The thing is I’ve learned my lesson well and now things like my home, furniture and landscaping that I don’t want to accidentally delete I lock in place so how has my house gone!

LOL, I should have used the “Frustration AO” from the Hud I mentioned a couple of posts ago as that really sums up how I felt when I spotted it missing.

Never fear as it is just a case of rezzing a new copy or maybe picking another house out of my invent for a change.

Before I log off to go “touch some grass”…literally as I’m going to do some gardening I will leave you with a fun free wearable.

It was a bit like Kismet in that I just used a random TP out of my LM’s but I had recently seen pictures of the Lucky Board prizes and some of the Group Gift. The shop is called “Just Tony” and I got this wearable cloud that you can float your way through SL.

Just Tony.