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Emote with me. (Group Gifts & Lucky Board Prizes & Emote With Me).

I knew Virtual Diva has new gifts out for us as it’s one of those shops which put not just one but two gifts out each month so it should be a regular on everyone’s visit list.

These two outfits are NOT the New Group Gifts and you can, if you want, just scroll past all the waffle to the details at the end.

Ignore the bra and panties as this Lucky Board prize is just the rope. I know this intricate rope is a skilled art in the kink world but I am so Vanilla I can’t even remember its name.

Now for a bit of “Damn I’m impressed”.

One of our readers, Shi, has created an interactive AO/Emote Hud and sent me some copies to keep and pass on. Just amazing and fun. I think most of them are perfect for those who like to interact with others inworld so lots of gestures and actions. I tried them all and honestly I couldn’t pick a fav.

If you’d like to try it out for yourself then drop me a NOTE as Shi was kind enough to send me some copies to pass one…WELL DONE.

OK, this still isn’t one of the NEW Group Gifts from Virtual Diva as it too is a Lucky Board Prize.

The reason is simple, the two new gifts don’t come in a Legacy Perky fit and are also similar black latex, rubber dresses and since I’ve just done black and latex, rubber “slingshot” outfit I wasn’t too keen on another similar post. However, this Lucky Board prize stood out to me because it fits well and the texturing just breaks up the blackness. You’ve got puffed-up sleeves, with what looks like car mat lumps and on the side, you can see the texturing is different…yeah the more I look at it the more I see car mats, but in a very good way.

I was dead pleased with it and now for the “Pay Attention” part.

The Lucky Boards and some other group gifts are on the wall to the left just behind the reception desk…easy to see what is not so easy is that the NEW gifts are on the back of the reception desk. So basically face the Lucky Boards and then to your left and that where you see the two pick Group Gift Posters are.

Virtual Diva.