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Now and Later. (Free Shop/Gift Cards).

A random TP, which sometimes turns out to be the best, has taken me to a room on a small shopping platform and the first thing I see is this.

However, if you read the small print you don’t get it till April the 1st, let’s hope it’s not a joke. Actually didn’t I do a post not too long ago with the same sort of set-up, sub now and get the gift later…will just have to see if something turns up.

You don’t have to wait for this one though and I’ve taken a photo to show you what to look for as you may miss it.

You also have to use it at the main shop, Attractive Store, and you can see the LM giver under the poster. I think the gift is because the shop has a new location and it’s to tempt you over.

Naturally I TP home, rezz and took the gift card back into my invent and yes, it turned into non-copy/trans so I’ve already passed it on.

This room has a gift pose and I believe some make-up for 6Ld but I was too distracted by what was outside, it turns out it’s a little Gacha resale area and I bought a rare house for 125Lds…did I need it? Of course not. Sadly the rare pool doesn’t seem to be set for sale as I’d have snapped that up as well, did I need it? Of course not but I still wanted it lol. As it happens there is still a copy of the Rare House so check those out.

Liyue & Clumsy.