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I have something to show you, finally. (Freebie).

Don’t be fooled by all the gifts at the LRS Design shop as although most of the gifts are for that group, 50Lds, there are other gifts for free or cheap(er) groups and that’s how I got this outfit as it’s a FaShIoNable Group Gift.

It’s hard to know if I’ve blogged this before but a couple of things make me think not. First is that fine mesh not only on the top but also on the leggings. Just a sexy hint of boobies showing through. The other is the tiny little hud which opens at the bottom right-hand of your screen. For such a small hud it’s packed with colour options.

I was going to just use the top photo and then I realised this second picture does show off the leggings nicely.

You get lots of fits and can be worn as separately.

You will find this and some other free or cheap group gifts upstairs with of course the LRS Design gifts as well.

LRS Design.