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I save to spend. (Only a mention of Dollarbies).

This old “wooden trade cart” is something I’ve had on my land for years and it’s STUNNING. Not only stunning but go on have a guess how many prims? (I will put the answer to that at the end). I’ve not edited the picture in any way so you can see the detailing for yourself or if you want to see it inworld just common over, it’s out all the time.

I’d always assumed it was from Nomad or Crate but nope it’s a small shop called Pagan.

And yeah, coaches and carts are another of my SL addictions and when they’re this good I will pay any price but it turns out I paid only 120Lds for this.

So I went to the Pagan inworld shop and bought this to add to my hoard.

It’s an old water barrel cart. I think I paid about 99Lds.

I had to leave as I’m just about to start dipping into my tier fee and when that happens I know I’ve spent enough in SL lol. I will return to this shop as it just has the sort of things my creepy ass really likes as well as amazing sim/home decor.

I couldn’t see any gifts in the shop, but it’s a pretty packed and visually busy shop so I may have missed any gifts. I did check the Marketplace shop and found some Dollarbies, which are actually still full price in the shop as I’d already price-checked them in the shop before I even looked at the Marketplace. So just make sure to check the Marketplace first.

As for prims, the first wooden trade cart…9 prims and the water barrel cart…10 prims.

Pagan. (Inworld).

Pagan. (Marketplace).