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Wow, what a lot for not a lot. (Freebiesss & 500Ld Worth of Shop Credit).

I’m sure I did a post about the Sugar Doll shop not too long ago but I got really sick of standing in front of the Tentacio Lucky Boards so decided a quick TP was in order and I almost TP’d straight out as I was faced with yet more Lucky Boards.

Since the shop is actually quite busy and the gifts on the Lucky Boards looked like things I’d wear so I decided to loiter which turned out to be even luckier as there are some excellent group gifts AND a 500Lds gift card!

I won about 3 things off the Lucky Boards as well as the Group Gifts and I think this dress is one of the Group Gifts. As I always like to say “quality”.

BTW, if you rezz the gift card and take it back into your invent it changes into a non-copy/trans so I’ve already passed it on.

UPDATE: Because blimey there is a LOT of Group Gifts. I didn’t notice all of them on my first visit and it was only when I logged back inworld that I realised how many there are and yes even I have grabbed them all.

Sugar Dolls.

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