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Flower shopping. (Freebie(s)).

I went to the Sekai shop to get the “Women’s Day” gift of a pretty wearable tulip. The pose with it wasn’t the best so I decided to take a picture without it and just show you the freebie from the “Unfolded” shop which shares the same platform.

The sleeve has a sporty stripe on it and yes that’s a code bar on the front but I forgive them because you get a massive fatpack of shades and lovely quality. Sadly limited on fits, I think it’s Legacy, Legacy Perky and reBorn but as always free for you to try out.

There are other gifts, a hat which IS editable and some adorable Christmas Socks I’m looking forward to trying those out later.

PS. Turns out there are 2 poses with the flower, I will be trying out the other one.

Unfolded & Sekai & another shop with free tattoos and I’ve forgotten its name lol.

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