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Sunglasses are a must. (Dollarbie).

Sorry, it’s another marketplace find and I may just have a third one to show you later or tomorrow if it’s not available inworld.

As for this dress, it’s very neon, each of the 11 colours in the hud is pretty neon or in some colours very latex shiny.

The funny thing is it says “(BRIGHTNESS OF TEXTURES ISSUE HAS BEING FIXED!)” blimey if this is the toned-down version I can’t imagine how bright the original ones were. I think for some people who either like to stand out or go clubbing etc inworld this is the dress for them as people will see you in a crowd of AV’s lol.

I should have and will do when I log back inworld check out if and how they change in different windlight settings…yes and believe it or not especially in the darker windlight settings its even more neon all you’d need is a couple of glow sticks and you’re ready to rave.

Pixel Life.