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Make a date.

A while ago I got roped into actually doing something other than freebie hunting and landscaping and that’s joining an inworld orchestra. I assumed it would just be just a case of sitting and letting the AO take over but I was so wrong.

I don’t think in all the years I’ve SL’d that I’ve seen so many people at an event all at the same time so I had fun counting all people there but it was when orchestral music started and the singers started to sing that I realised they’d all turned up to hear something really special.

So when I got the invite to return for a second show I actually went and paid, yes I paid full price for something lol, for a great outfit as I was looking forward to it and I wanted to look my best.

This clip is from the second show and if you’re short on time then go to the 3 min mark and just listen to his voice! Melting and mesmerising. I think possibly each show will have different performers but each of them is extraordinarily talented in their field.

This event is now over but I know that they’re already working on the third, I don’t know when or where but this time I’m going to let you all know in advance so you can do something just a bit different in SL and just for a short time listen some real “ear candy”.

PS. If you’re wondering you will see me at 4.18min and I’m wearing brown hair although next time I may wear blue hair.

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