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If you know, you know. (Freebie, Hunt, Cheapies, Sales & Rambling).

The freebie is the sweater so let me explain.

The Petite Morte and Oubliette shops, which share the same sim, have a hunt going on. The gifts are between 10 and 20Lds and I like many can find at least one item to add to my hoard, in this case, it was going to be the pink jacket for 20Lds.

Happily for a hunt loser like me if you click the board you get a hint list which made it super easy for me to find the Love Heart that contains the gift as the gifts are scattered between the two shops and the beautifully landscaped sim.

I’m such an idiot so I reread the hint list and realised MY mistake which means I have found the hunt prize I wanted but now I’ve done this picture I’m going to stick with it.

Both shops have group gifts for us and I didn’t spot anything new but as always it may be “new to you” so check those out and at the same time there is a 50% sale going on.

PS. If anyone is wondering those boxes are what I pack the stuff I’m donating into. I am super lazy and should be more proactive but some of you know what to expect when a random box is sent to you.

Petite Morte & Oublette.