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I name this post “Tada”. (Freebie(s)).

Yesterday I went to the Midnight Order Event and picked up quite a lot of the freebies. Most seemed to be accessories, tattoos, wearables etc and just one pair of shoes and a rather good fur stole and I’m showing you none of them instead look at this really good bookcase.

Pretty good texturing and only 4 prims. Obviously, not everyone will have a home let alone a wall big enough to place it against but to find one this big, this quality and a 0Ld price tag…I’m happy. Look for the Dirty rat stand as that is where you will find it.

I may not have found a lot that I personally consider to be “keepers” for me but as I unpack I get the LM’s and spend as much time checking those shops out as well.

PS, I’ve only put myself in the picture so you can get some idea of how big this is.

Midnight Order Event.