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I’ve censored myself. (Freebie(s)).

There is a separate gift of a similar top which does match this skirt somewhat but I wasn’t keen on it so I whipped out a censor board from my invent and pulled a pose.

This a classic pleated skirt which does stand out as different from the other gifts in the Appetite shop. I’ve blogged those gifts before so it’s nice to find something new and even if you don’t need another “classic” skirt still head on over to check the other gifts.

Just as a reminder as you TP to a neon hall and hopefully you will be facing the Appetite shop which is a doorway, head down the purple stairs and halfway down on the mezzanine level, opposite the giant man-eating pumpkin is where you find the gifts….easy to see once you know where to go.

PS. When I logged in to LM grab I realise I can go shopping for my next freebie just like this, I do have my boobies covered after all lol.