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Beauty in Beige. (Dollarbie Hair & Dress).

Holy Crapoli (sic) is it just me or is there so much going on it’s a bit overwhelming. Even today a new round of Shop ‘n’ Hop has started and we all know how generous an event that is not just with the gifts but also the discount and did you know that The Arcade Event has also opened its doors?

Mind you I’ve just seen the outfit Faith has modelled in her last post and that is where I will be heading to when I next log in as I love that outfit.

Till then here are my token goodies and it’s not often I get to show you quality hair for just 1Ld although Faith may have shown you it before as this hair is a Faga hair and I do know she has shown you one of their hairs before but not this one…maybe.

I could say the same about this sheer dress which like the hair was found on the Second Life Marketplace rather than inworld. Fortunately for this photo, the dress does come with panties as it doesn’t hide much.

I’ve just noticed as I’m getting the link for these that the hair does look as though it comes with a style hud, which I didn’t see also both shops do have inworld shops so you may want to check to see if they’re free inworld.

Beauty Factory. (Dress, Marketplace).

Faga. (Hair, Marketplace).